The Fighting 15th

Last Online - Friday 26th of February 2021
The Nice Guys
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6-20-2017 11:16 am EST
Lol. Starting a muay thai gym in Thailand is the only good decision I've ever made in this game!
6-16-2017 9:42 pm EST
Damn sorry I robbed ya there tank, good fight - Lou Simmons
4-5-2017 9:17 am EST
Good win over lou lol I must have sent the challenge and picked luta livre by mistake
9-27-2016 8:23 am EST
Well that didn't go very well for me.
Oil Check MMA
6-14-2016 12:42 am EST
one more
6-14-2016 12:41 am EST
have another
Sick Puppy MMA
6-14-2016 12:41 am EST
The Domain
4-20-2016 4:32 pm EST
Only RFL but damn good fight - Carmelo Carter
3-5-2016 12:44 pm EST
One of these days i'll beat you
3-1-2016 6:33 am EST
Love Iron Maiden(obviously). Nice camp avatar man! :)
Chris Hansen
15 and Under
2-16-2016 1:05 am EST
Rofl thanks capt, didn't see it til now haha. Well worth the permanent gold!
Sambo Bear
Raptor Academy
1-6-2016 7:25 pm EST
No idea how Moss got by Whisky Sam. Good fight, and great camp, man, feel free to keep sending those tough challenges my way.
12-22-2015 8:52 am EST
Yeah I just moved him back actually. Thought there was better matchups in MW but the lack of depth made it difficult to get good matchups every reset so back down to WW lol
12-21-2015 5:17 pm EST
yeah didn't want to piss anyone off. thanks
7-12-2015 2:22 pm EST
Thanks Cap. Itagia was definitely the closest I've been to an EFC belt since I won my first back in February. I'm gonna miss him.
6-18-2015 8:45 am EST
yeah it is lol. last year, there was a guy that won the award for best name that was "bob marley marley"
9-17-2010 10:59 pm EST
Iron Maiden for the WIN!