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#336614 - 06/01/12 07:59 AM Professional Noobie League Season 1

Registered: 09/21/08
Posts: 5177
Game Scoring:
Win by finish = +3
Win by decision = +2
Lose by decision= +1
Lose by finish = 0
No fight = -1

League Scoring:
Win the game = +3
End in a Draw= +1
Lose the game= 0


Tonester - LosAngeles Kings 17w/2d/0l = 53pts

ChiefBD - Minnesota Timberwolves 16w/2d/1l = 50pts

James Russell - Kansas City Royals 16w/0d/3l = 48pts

Bonedaddy - Hartford Whaler 12w/2d/5l = 38pts

ho brah! - Newcastle United FC 14w/0d/5l = 42pts

Pepster - Chicago Bears 10w/1d/9l = 31pts (+47)

Jbear - Washington Redskins 10w/4d/5l = 34pts

foul - Detroit Tigers 11w/2d/6l = 35pts

elbownknee - Chicago Bulls 9w/3d/7l = 27pts

Nephilim - B.C. Lions 10w/0d/9l = 30pts

OhioStateBuckeyes - Carolina Hurricanes 10w/1d/8l = 31pts

Smacku - Oakland Athletics 6w/1d/12l = 19pts (-35)

SoftFuzzyPanda - Detroit Red Wings 6w/1d/12l = 19pts (-29)(Everton FC)

Darksied - Buffalo Bills 4w/5d/10l = 17pts (-61)

G-W - Atlanta Falcons 4w/5d/10l = 17pts (-54)

Mr. Wunderful - Myami Heat 4w/2d/12l = 14pts (-21)

mattu29 - Manchester United 2w/4d/12l = 10pts (-92)

Tap0rSnap - Chicago Blackhawks 1w/3d/15l = 6pts (-136)(Canton Bulldogs)

$pidey - Celeveland Browns 0w/4d/15l = 4pts (-166)

Teshore - Queens Park Rangers 0w/3d/16l = 3pts (-187)

Schedule:Click to see full set of matchups.
If you need a game rescheduled post in the thread and we can arrange the game for an off day.
Remember to post which reset you'll be using to score for each game. Once you set a reset, it will be assumed you will be using that reset every game. If you need to change it, post in the thread.

Monday, June 4th
Week 1 Mar/Apr 2260

Buffalo Bills(pm) 6pts vs Oaklands Athletics(am) 0pts
Chicago Bulls(am) 3pts vs Everton FC -5pts
Detroit Tigers(am) 9pts vs Queens Park Rangers(pm) 8pts
Manchester United(RSMay2260) 6pts vs Canton Bulldogs(am) -5pts
Newcastle United(pm) 5pts vs Minnesota Timberwolves(pm) 8pts
Myami Heat(pm) 7pts vs Washington Redskins(am) 11 pts
Cleveland Browns(pm) -5pts vs Kansas City Royals(am) 14pts
B.C. Lions(am) 5 pts vs Chicago Bears (am) 3 pts
Atlanta Falcons(am) 11pts vs Carolina Hurricanes(am) 7pts
LosAngeles Kings(am) 12pts vs Hartford Whaler(am) 9pts

Wednesday, June 6th
Week 2 Jul/Aug 2260

Everton FC -5pts vs Buffalo Bills(pm) 3pts
Oaklands Athletics(am) 8pts vs Queens Park Rangers(pm) 5pts
Chicago Bulls(am) 13pts vs Canton Bulldogs(pm) 6pts
Detroit Tigers(am) 2pts vs Minnesota Timberwolves(pm) 15pts
Manchester United(am) 5pts vs Washington Redskins(am)5pts
Newcastle United(pm) 5pts vs Kansas City Royals(am) 13pts
Myami Heat(pm) 5pts vs Chicago Bears(am) 10pts
Cleveland Browns(pm) 0pts vs Carolina Hurricanes(am) 3pts
B.C. Lions(am) 8pts vs Hartford Whaler(am) 9pts
Atlanta Falcons(am) 7pts vs LosAngeles Kings(am) 14pts

Friday, June 8th
Week 3 Nov/Dec 2260

Buffalo Bills(pm) 9pts vs Queens Park Rangers(pm) 0pts
Everton FC -5pts vs Canton Bulldogs(pm) 4pts
Oaklands Athletics(am) -1pts vs Minnesota Timberwolves(pm) 0pts
Chicago Bulls(am) 5pts vs Washington Redskins(am) 6pts
Detroit Tigers(am) 5pts vs Kansas City Royals(am) 11pts
Manchester United(am) 2pts vs Chicago Bears(pm) 6pts
Newcastle United(pm) 7pts vs Carolina Hurricanes(am) 4pts
Myami Heat -5pts vs Hartford Whaler(am) 8pts
Cleveland Browns(pm) 3pts vs LosAngeles Kings(am) 11pts
B.C. Lions(am) 7 pts vs Atlanta Falcons(am) 13pts

Sunday, June 10th
Week 4 Mar/Apr 2261

Canton Bulldogs(RSmonPM) -5pts vs Buffalo Bills(pm) 9pts
Queens Park Rangers(pm) -5pts vs Minnesota Timberwolves(pm) 15pts
Detroit Red Wings(am) 7pts vs Washington Redskins(am) 9pts
Oaklands Athletics(am) -5pts vs Kansas City Royals(am)14pts
Chicago Bulls(am) 12pts vs Chicago Bears(pm) 6pts
Detroit Tigers(am) 10pts vs Carolina Hurricanes(am) 4pts
Manchester United(am) 8pts vs Hartford Whaler(am) 10pts
Newcastle United(pm) 7pts vs LosAngeles Kings(RSmonAM) 14pts
Myami Heat(am) 5pts vs Atlanta Falcons(am) 9pts
Cleveland Browns(pm) -5pts vs B.C. Lions(am) 7pts

Tuesday, June 12th
Week 5 Jul/Aug 2261

Buffalo Bills(pm) 14pts vs Minnesota Timberwolves(pm)14pts
Canton Bulldogs(pm) -5pts vs Washington Redskins(am) 8pts
Queens Park Rangerspm)-5ptsvs Kansas City Royals(am) 8pts
Detroit Red Wings(am) 4pts vs Chicago Bears(pm) 7pts
Oaklands Athletics(am) -5pts vs Carolina Hurricanes(am)3pts
Chicago Bulls(am) 9pts vs Hartford Whaler(am) 9pts
Detroit Tigers(am) 7pts vs LosAngeles Kings(RSwedAM) 10pts
Manchester United(am) -5pts vs Atlanta Falcons(am) 9pts
Newcastle United(pm) 8pts vs B.C. Lions(am) 7pts
Myami Heat(am) 7pts vs Cleveland Browns(pm) -5

Thursday, June 14th
Week 6 Nov/Dec 2261

Washington Redskins(am) 9pts vs Buffalo Bills(pm) 9pts
Minnesota Timberwolves(pm) 9pts vs Kansas City Royals(am) 7pts
Canton Bulldogs(pm) -5pts vs Chicago Bears(pm) 7pts
Queens Park Rangers(pm) -5pts vs Carolina Hurricanes(am) 6pts
Detroit Red Wings(am) 9pts vs Hartford Whaler(am) 10pts
Oaklands Athletics(am) 8pts vs LosAngeles Kings(am) 9pts
Chicago Bulls(am) 4pts vs Atlanta Falcons(am) 4pts
Detroit Tigers(RsFriPM) 9pts vs B.C.Lions(am) 7pts
Manchester United(am) 6pts vs Cleveland Browns(pm) -5pts
Newcastle United(pm) 6 pts vs Myami Heat(am) 10pts

Saturday, June 16th
Week 7 Mar/Apr 2262

Buffalo Bills(pm) -5pts vs Kansas City Royals(am) 10pts
Washington Redskins(am) 10pts vs Chicago Bears(pm) 3pts
Minnesota Timberwolves(pm) 9pts vs Carolina Hurricanes(am) 7pts
Canton Bulldogs(pm) -5pts vs Hartford Whaler(am) 12pts
Queens Park Rangers(pm) -5pts vs LosAngeles Kings(am) 14pts
Detroit Red Wings(am) 7pts vs Atlanta Falcons(am) 3pts
Oaklands Athletics(am) 12pts vs B.C. Lions(am) 7pts
Chicago Bulls(pm) 12pts vs Cleveland Browns(pm) -5pts
Detroit Tigers(am) 4pts vs Myami Heat(am) 3pts
Manchester United(am) 6pts vs Newcastle United(pm) 10pts

Monday, June 18th
Week 8 Jul/Aug 2262

Chicago Bears(pm) 6pts vs Buffalo Bills(pm) -5pts
Kansas City Royals(am) 12pts vs Carolina Hurricanes(am) 6pts
Washington Redskins(am) 7pts vs Hartford Whaler(am) 8pts
Minnesota Timberwolves(pm) 12pts vs LosAngeles Kings(am) 12pts
Chicago Blackhawks(pm) -5pts vs Atlanta Falcons(pm) -5pts
Queens Park Rangers(pm) -5pts vs B.C. Lions(am) 7pts
Deroit Red Wings(am) 3pts vs Cleveland Browns(pm) -5pts
Oaklands Athletics(am) 6pts vs Myami Heat(am) 10pts
Chicago Bulls(pm) 9pts vs Newcastle United(tues-pm) 6pts
Detroit Tigers(pm) 8pts vs Manchester United(am) -5pts

Wednesday, June 20th
Week 9 Nov/Dec2262

Buffalo Bills(pm) -5pts vs Carolina Hurricanes(am) 3pts
Chicago Bears(am) 10pts vs Hartford Whaler(am) 5pts
Kansas City Royals(am) 10 pts vs LosAngeles Kings(am) 11pts
Washington Redskins(am) 14pts vs Atlanta Falcons(am) 0pts
Minnesota Timberwolves(pm) 11pts vs B.C. Lions(am) 10pts
Chicago Blackhawks(pm) -5pts vs Cleveland Browns(pm) -5pts
Queens Park Rangers(pm) -5pts vs Myami Heat(am) 9pts
Detroit Red Wings(am) 8pts vs Newcastle United(satpm) 10pts
Oaklands Athletics(am) 14 pts vs Manchester United(am) -5pts
Chicago Bulls(pm) 10 pts vs Detroit Tigers(pm) 4pts

Friday, June 22nd
Week 10 Mar/Apr2263

Hartford Whaler(am) 8pts vs Buffalo Bills(pm) -5pts
Carolina Hurricanes(am) 4pts vs LosAngeles Kings(am) 11pts
Chicago Bears(am) 9pts vs Atlanta Falcons(am) -5pts
Kansas City Royals(am) 10pts vs B.C. Lions(am) 7pts
Washington Redskins(am) 10pts vs Cleveland Browns(pm) -5pts
Minnesota Timberwolves(pm) 11pts vs Myami Heat(am) 3pts
Chicago Blackhawks(pm) -5pts vs Newcastle United(pm) 8pts
Queens Park Rangers(pm) -5pts vs Manchester United(am) -5pts
Detroit Red Wings(am) 10pts vs Detroit Tigers(pm) 9pts
Oaklands Athletics(am) 10pts vs Chicago Bulls(rssatpm) -5pts

Sunday, June 24th
Week 11 Jul/Aug2263

Buffalo Bills(pm) -5pts vs LosAngeles Kings(Monam) 9pts
Hartford Whaler(Monam) 11pts vs Atlanta Falcons(am) -5pts
Carolina Hurricanes(am) 2pts vs B.C. Lions(am) 11pts
Chicago Bears(am) 8pts vs Cleveland Browns(pm) -5pts
Kansas City Royals(Monam) 13pts vs Myami Heat(Monam) 11pts
Washington Redskins(am) 7pts vs Newcastle United(Monpm) 9pts
Minnesota Timberwolves(pm) 9pts vs Manchester United(am) -5pts
Chicago Blackhawks(pm) -5pts vs Detroit Tigers(am) 3pts
Queens Park Rangers(pm) -5pts vs Chicago Bulls(pm) 8pts
Detroit Red Wings(am) 5pts vs Oaklands Athletics(am) 8pts

Tuesday, June 26th
Week 12 Nov/Dec2263

Atlanta Falcons(am) -5pts vs Buffalo Bills(pm) -5pts
LosAngeles Kings(am) 10 pts vs B.C. Lions(am) 6pts
Hartford Whaler(am) 12pts vs Cleveland Browns(pm) -5pts
Carolina Hurricanes(am) 8pts vs Myami Heat(am) 6pts
Chicago Bears(pm) 5pts vs Newcastle United(pm) 9pts
Kansas City Royals(am) 9pts vs Manchester United(am) -5pts
Washington Redskins(am) 11 pts vs Detroit Tigers(am) 11pts
Minnesota Timberwolves(pm) 10pts vs Chicago Bulls(am) 9pts
Chicago Blackhawks(pm) -5pts vs Oaklands Athletics(am) 14pts
Queens Park Rangers(pm) -5pts vs Detroit Red Wings(am) 3pts

Thursday, June 28th
Week 13 Mar/Apr22634

Buffalo Bills(pm) -5pts vs B.C. Lions(am) 6pts
Atlanta Falcons(am) -5pts vs Cleveland Browns(pm) -5pts
LosAngeles Kings(am) 10 pts vs Myami Heat(am) 6pts
Hartford Whaler(am) 11pts vs Newcastle United(fripm) 13pts
Carolina Hurricanes(am) 6pts vs Manchester United(am) -5pts
Chicago Bears(pm) 11pts vs Detroit Tigers(am) 11pts
Kansas City Royals(am) 8pts vs Chicago Bulls(am) 9pts
Washington Redskins(am) 10pts vs Oaklands Athletics(am) -5pts
Minnesota Timberwolves(pm) 5pts vs Detroit Red Wings(pm) 11pts
Chicago Blackhawks(pm) -5pts vs Queens Park Rangers -5pts(pm)

Tuesday, July 3rd
Week 14 Jan/Feb

Cleveland Browns(pm) -5pts vs Buffalo Bills(pm) -5pts
B.C. Lions(Wedam) 7pts vs Myami Heat(am) -5pts
Atlanta Falcons(am) -5pts vs Newcastle United(pm) 11pts
LosAngeles Kings(am) 8pts vs Manchester United(am) -5pts
Hartford Whaler(Wedam) 6pts vs Detroit Tigers(am) 8pts
Carolina Hurricanes(am) 5pts vs Chicago Bulls(Wedam) -5pts
Chicago Bears(pm) 11pts vs Oaklands Athletics(am) -5pts
Kansas City Royals(am) 14pts vs Detroit Red Wings(am) 7pts
Washington Redskins(am) 12pts vs Queens Park Rangers(pm) -5pts
Minnesota Timberwolves(pm) 7pts vs Chicago Blackhawks(pm) -5pts

Thursday, July 5th
Week 15 May/Jun

Buffalo Bills(pm) -5pts vs Myami Heat(am) -5pts
Cleveland Browns
(pm) -5pts vs Newcastle United(fripm) 9pts
B.C. Lions(am) 1ptpts vs Manchester United(am) -5pts
Atlanta Falcons(am) -5pts vs Detroit Tigers(am) 8pts
LosAngeles Kings(am) 13pts vs Chicago Bulls(am) -5pts
Hartford Whaler(am) 7pts vs Oaklands Athletics(am) -5pts
Carolina Hurricanes(am) 8pts vs Detroit Red Wings(pm) 10 pts
Chicago Bears(fripm) 12pts vs Queens Park Rangers(pm) -5pts
Kansas City Royals(am) 8pts vs Chicago Blackhawks(pm) -5pts
Washington Redskins(am) 4pts vs Minnesota Timberwolves(pm) 6pts

Monday, July 9th
Week 16 Jan/Feb

Newcastle United 7pts vs Buffalo Bills -5pts
Myami Heat -5pts vs Manchester United -5pts
Cleveland Browns -5pts vs Detroit Tigers 12pts
B.C. Lions 5pts vs Chicago Bulls -5pts
Atlanta Falcons -5pts vs Oaklands Athletics -5pts
LosAngeles Kings 9pts vs Detroit Red Wings -5pts
Hartford Whaler 14pts vs Queens Park Rangers -5pts
Carolina Hurricanes 9pts vs Chicago Blackhawks -5pts
Chicago Bears 3pts vs Minnesota Timberwolves 12pts
Kansas City Royals 11pts vs Washington Redskins 6pts

Wednesday, July 11th
Week 17 May/Jun

Buffalo Bills -5pts vs Manchester United -5pts
Newcastle United 11pts vs Detroit Tigers 8pts
Myami Heat -5pts vs Chicago Bulls -5pts
Cleveland Browns -5pts vs Oaklands Athletics -5pts
B.C. Lions 7pts vs Detroit RedWings -5pts
Atlanta Falcons -5pts vs Queens Park Rangers -5pts
LosAngeles Kings 8pts vs Chicago Blackhawks -5pts
Hartford Whaler 10pts vs Minnesota Timberwolves 12 pts
Carolina Hurricanes 10pts vs Washington Redskins 9pts
Chicago Bears -5pts vs Kansas City Royals 11pts

Thursday, July 12th
Week 18 Jul/Aug

Detroit Tigers 10pts vs Buffalo Bills -5pts
Manchester United -5pts vs Chicago Bulls -5pts
Newcastle United 12pts vs Oaklands Athletics -5pts
Myami Heat -5pts vs Detroit Red Wings -5pts
Cleveland Browns -5pts vs Queens Park Rangers -5pts
B.C. Lions 6pts vs Chicago Blackhawks -5pts
Atlanta Falcons -5pts vs Minnesota Timberwolves 7pts
LosAngeles Kings 15pts vs Washington Redskins 15pts
Hartford Whaler 10pts vs Kansas City Royals 14pts
Carolina Hurricanes 10 pts vs Chicago Bears -5pts

Friday, July 13th
Week 19 Sep/Oct

Buffalo Bills -5pts vs Chicago Bulls -5pts
Detroit Tigers 4pts vs Oaklands Athletics -5pts
Manchester United -5pts vs Detroit Red Wings -5pts
Newcastle United 6pts vs Queens Park Rangers -5pts
Myami Heat -5pts vs Chicago Blackhawks -5pts
Cleveland Browns -5pts vs Minnesota Timberwolves
B.C. Lions 9pts vs Washington Redskins 11pts
Atlanta Falcons -5pts vs Kansas City Royals 11pts
LosAngeles Kings 7pts vs Chicago Bears -5pts
Hartford Whaler 10pts vs Carolina Hurricanes 10pts

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#336615 - 06/01/12 07:59 AM Re: Professional Noobie League Season 1 [Re: Jbear]

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League Leaders

Wins by Finish
33 - LosAngeles Kings
31 - Minnesota Timberwolves
32 - Kansas City Royals
27 - Hartford Whalers
22 - Washington Redskins

Wins by Decision
16 - LosAngeles Kings
15 - Minnesota Timberwolves
14 - Kansas City Royals
13 - Chicago bears
13 - BC Lions
13 - Newcastle United

Loss by Decision
22 - Chicago Bulls
19 - Carolina Hurricanes
19 - Washington Redskins
17 - Newcastle United
17 - Detroit Tigers

Updated to reflect top 5 after every 3rd week.

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#336616 - 06/01/12 07:59 AM Re: Professional Noobie League Season 1 [Re: Jbear]

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To schedule a scrimmage:
1) Post the 2 teams playing in the thread after setting a reset with the other coach.
2) Post your team and reset which you want to play and type "Open Challenge". You'll be matched with the next coach to request an open challenge on a matching reset.


Friday PM reset Oct2259

Washington Redskins - 4pts
B.C. Lions - 2pts

Sunday PM reset Feb2259

Washington Redskins
- 2pts
Atlanta Falcons - 4pts

Tuesday AM reset May2260

B.C. Lions
- 6pts
Chicago Bulls
elbownknee - 10pts

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#336646 - 06/01/12 04:41 PM Re: Professional Noobie League Season 1 [Re: Jbear]

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#336648 - 06/01/12 04:54 PM Re: Professional Noobie League Season 1 [Re: Jbear]

Registered: 04/07/08
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Loc: Ontario, Canada

#336649 - 06/01/12 04:57 PM Re: Professional Noobie League Season 1 [Re: Nephilim]

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Saturday AM reset
Washington Redskins
Open Challenge

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#336653 - 06/01/12 05:45 PM Re: Professional Noobie League Season 1 [Re: Jbear]

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Loc: North Carolina, USA
Saturday PM reset
Carolina Hurricanes
Open Challenge

#336695 - 06/02/12 03:35 PM Re: Professional Noobie League Season 1 [Re: OhioStateBuckeye]

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Monday, June 4th

Buffalo Bills vs Oaklands Athletics

PM reset.

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#336712 - 06/03/12 03:11 AM Re: Professional Noobie League Season 1 [Re: Darksied]

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Loc: North Carolina, USA
Alright lets try again
Monday June 4
Open Challenge
AM reset

#336713 - 06/03/12 03:46 AM Re: Professional Noobie League Season 1 [Re: OhioStateBuckeye]

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Posts: 5177
Monday is a game day so cant scrimmage then. Also you havent linked your camp properly yet. You have to click roster before you copy the url.
If you want you can leave an open challenge for tonight though.

Edited by jbear (06/03/12 05:06 AM)

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