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#387317 - 11/14/14 06:03 AM Breakfast League

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Season 4
The league will take 10 days (counted as "Weeks") to complete 1 season and then will end with double elim style playoffs. League will begin Friday Nov 21st to allow time for signups and to allow some time to get your contracts in order.

Each AM*(est) reset you will choose 3 fighters and post them as your team for the day using the form provided.
1 in WLOF.
1 in Prel.
1 in EFC.

At PM*(est) reset you will fight anyone you want with those 3 fighters (as long as its in the specified org) and post the results of the 3 fights using the form provided.
You do NOT have to fight another league member. It can be anyone. Basically you will just fight as you normally would.

Coaches may only submit 1 camp to be scored in this competition and must use that camp for the duration of the league.

Coaches will be randomly assigned to a division.

All in all this will take very little effort or commitment from you guys each day and guarantees to be an extremely fun event once again, so sign up today. You'll be fighting your guys anyways so why not make it for a little something extra?
If you do NOT have a fighter for the org that day it will be counted as a loss.

When submitting your fighters you MUST use a new post.
(*if a new fighter post is not provided it will be assumed you are using the same one from the previous day.)

When submitting your scores you MUST, MUST, MUST use a new post. Failure to submit it in a new post will result in forfeit for that days scores.

1 Post in the AM*(est)
1 Post in the PM*(est)

Your 3 fights will then be scored as follows:
3W-0L = 4pts
2W-1L = 3pts
1W-2L = 2 pts
0W-3L = 0 pts

Bonus Points:
1) If you win and your opponent is higher ranked you will earn +1 bonus point.

2) If you finish your opponent you will earn +1 bonus point.

So for example:

If you go 3-0 and beat all higher ranked fighters and finish them you can max out your day at 10 points.
If you go 3-0 beating all lower ranked fighters by decision you will earn 4 points.

It will be your responsibility to make note of bonus points when posting results. Failure to list bonus points will result in a loss of those points.

In the event that a fighter you posted to be scored in the AM(*est time) should retire before you fight in the PM(*est time) that fight will count as a loss.

Playoff Format and Rules

The winner of each of the divisions will be invited to the playoffs. This season it will consist of double elim style playoffs.
Same scoring applies.

If the playoffs result in a tie then total bonus points including playoffs and season will be used to break it. If that is also tied than total wins between season and playoffs will be used. In the event there is a complete tie there will be an elimination tie breaking match. The first to have a higher scoring "week" moves on.

Season 1 Regular Season
Changed to 10 "weeks".
Season 1 Playoffs
Format changed for season 2.
Season 2 Regular Seasson
Season 2 Playoffs
Season 3

Lucky Charms
Foul - 25pts
DrinkDrankCrunk - 23pts
Robo - 0pts

Fruit Loops
Spidey - 37pts
BlimBlapZing - 36pts
Wankrupt - 27pts*

Apple Jacks
Migrantworkers - 40pts
Tonester - 27pts*
Mattu - 26pts*

Honey Combs
Role - 42pts
Fiver - 36pts
Grapple420 - 24pts

Frosted Flakes
Ryzomack - 35pts
DYTI - 34pts
Jbear - 0pts

Cocoa Puffs
Mr. Judo - 43pts
Black-Santa - 32pts
Pepster - 30pts

Missing Scores*

Lucky Charms
Foul -
rnd 1: 5pts
rnd 2: opts
Frosted Flakes
Ryzomack -
rnd 1: 5pts
rnd 2: 9pts

Fruit Loops
Spidey -
rnd 1: 3pts
Apple Jacks
Migrantworkers -
rnd 1: 0pts

Cocoa Puffs
Mr. Judo = BYE

Honey Combs
Role = BYE


Honey Combs
Role -
Frosted Flakes
Ryzomack -

Fruit Loops
Spidey -
Cocoa Puffs
Mr. Judo -

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#387318 - 11/14/14 06:04 AM Re: Breakfast League Signups [Re: Jbear]

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1: BlimBlapZing
2: Fiver
3: Role
4: Foul
6: Mr. Judo
7: Black-Santa
8: Wankrupt
9: Matty
10: Pepster
11: Spidey
12: Migrantworkers
13: Robo
14: Ryzomack
15: DrinkDrankCrunk
16: Jbear
17: Grapple420
18: Tonester

Edited by Jbear (11/28/14 11:22 AM)

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#387319 - 11/14/14 06:07 AM Re: Breakfast League Signups [Re: Jbear]

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I'm in.
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#387324 - 11/14/14 06:15 AM Re: Breakfast League Signups [Re: BlimBlapZing]

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Hells yeah...have read about these, but never was in one. Count me in

#387327 - 11/14/14 06:39 AM Re: Breakfast League Signups [Re: Fiver]

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I'm in.
Originally Posted By: evilspud
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#387331 - 11/14/14 06:48 AM Re: Breakfast League Signups [Re: illiterati]

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Ill play

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#387332 - 11/14/14 06:58 AM Re: Breakfast League Signups [Re: GoodkidCC]

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I'm in

#387333 - 11/14/14 07:00 AM Re: Breakfast League Signups [Re: DYTI]
Mister Judo

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in as long as i can get a retirement soon

#387334 - 11/14/14 07:01 AM Re: Breakfast League Signups [Re: DYTI]

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#387344 - 11/14/14 08:22 AM Re: Breakfast League Signups [Re: Jid]

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You needa use a différent group of fighters each week, or can you use the same 3 guys each week

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Hey ryzo, that was pretty good. So nice I listened twice

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