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#489076 - 08/05/18 05:09 PM Injuries
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A potential addition to this game will be fighters getting injured. If you'd like to suggest types of injuries you can do so here, it's not how they got injured but the type of injury to their bodies that i'm looking for. If you'd like to add how long you think a fighter would need for recover along with the injury that would be helpful. You can ignore this and just list the type of injury but if you include it a range is probably the best thing for example (1 week - 6 weeks) this is because some fighters will heal quicker than others and some camps will have staff that helps along with a fighters hiddens. There will probably be things you can purchase to potentially speed up the healing process as well.

How they get injured is a separate thing and there will be a very long list of outside the cage / ring random events that can cause injury or fighters to not be able to fight which will be apart of "random events" which will be tied to fighter personality and other variables.

Injury List

1. Broken ankle
2. Broken Tibia
3. Detached retina
4. Dislocated shoulder
5. Boxer fracture
6. Dislocated thumb
7. Concussion
8. Lacerated kidney
9. Torn Achilles' tendon
10. Broken neck
11. Back spasms
12. Pinched nerve
13. Torn pectoral
14. Torn ACL
15. Pulled groin
16. Fractured skull
17. Cracked Rib
18. Crushed larynx
19. Broken jaw
20. Dislocated Toe
21. Broken arm
22. Torn scrotum
23. Broken nose
24. Pulled muscle
25. Sepsis
26. Tooth infection
27. Staph infection
28. Mononucleosis
29. Broken femur
30. Sickle cell disease
31. Fractured orbital bone
32. Fracured forearm
33. Flu
34. Zika
35. Stomach virus
36. CTE
38. Colon cancer
39. Lung cancer
40. Bone cancer
41. Deep facial lacerations
42. Knee contusion
43. Bone bruise
44. Anemia
45. Punctured lung
46. Collapsed lung
47. Torn abdominal muscle
48. Torn MCL
49. Swollen eye
50. Hematoma
51. Itchy scrotum
52. Chlamydia
53. Decapitation
54. mouth ulcer
55. broken nail
56. piles (?)
57. lacerated cornea
58. Lacerated Liver
59. Bruised Ribs
60. Torn Bicep
61. Quad Tear
62. Torn Rotator Cuff
63. Torn Meniscus
64. Herniated Disc
65. Fractured vertebrae
66. Ankle sprain
67. Hamstring strait
68. Shin splints
69. Hip Flexor Strain
70. Broken Kneecap
71, Sciatica
72. Torn esophagus
73. Diverticulitis
74. Fractured Arm (Simple)
75. Fractured Arm (Compound)

#489077 - 08/05/18 06:22 PM Re: Injuries [Re: ChiefBD]

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torn ACL - recovery in rehab can take 6 months+
torn LCL - 2-4 weeks


#489078 - 08/05/18 06:29 PM Re: Injuries [Re: Drifter]
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Pulled groin
Broken ribs
Cte (retirement)
Cracked skull

#489082 - 08/06/18 02:46 AM Re: Injuries [Re: Foul]

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Meniscus tear
Patellofemoral syndrome (Runner's knee)
Torn LCL
Torn PCL
Tendon rupture
Lumbar strain
Ulcerative colitis
Chicken pox
AC joint separation
Broken clavicle
Broken humerus
Lateral and medial epicondylitis (Tennis elbow)
Metatarsal stress fracture
Dead tooth
Broken penis
Typhoid fever
Bubonic plague

#513194 - 09/05/22 10:15 AM Re: Injuries [Re: LCM]
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Im waiting

#513196 - 09/05/22 11:27 AM Re: Injuries [Re: Locked Away]

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Why are you bringing up this old thread? 100% Against injuries
Peace and love here

#513201 - 09/05/22 01:12 PM Re: Injuries [Re: Trite]

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Single fight injury-
Dysentery from eating ass black beast style
Injury from a coffee table hotel room (shamrock)
Injured when some dkuche bag fighter throws a Dali through a bus window (pick a random in game fighter, they get suspended a length of time

Bonus points if the douche bag is an in game rival

Option - fighter injured but kept on contract, keep signed lhighlight jjn fight list, can see but can't challenge

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