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Welcome to the MMArmy forum! Please read all the forum rules before posting/using the speak box. Please Note: The ability to participate on the forum is a privilege and not a right. By using the forum you agree to the following rules. Disregard and breaking of the forum rules will lead to banning/forum access restriction. Moderators have the right to ban and restrict access. Being banned from the forum does not mean you are banned from the game. Do not create an alternate name to publicly post with if you are temporarily banned. That name will be banned as well and your ban may be extended. If you are banned, take the time to consider why you were banned. If you come back to the forum with the same attitude and actions that got you banned, additional bans incurred by you may be longer eventually leading to an ip address ban. Disputes between forum members: If a dispute arises between yourself and another forum member please attempt to resolve it in a civil manner, preferably by Private Message (PM). If a resolution cannot arise PM a moderator or admin to help arbitrate. 1a) Be civil and respectful to your fellow forum users. 1b) No Flaming: Does this really need to be explained? If you find a post you're writing is entirely about insulting someone else, cursing and generally not putting together a logical on-topic argument, pause, count to 10. Please note if members complain to us about constant PM harassment we will step in. 2) Attempt to stay on topic: Related to the above. Some topics naturally move off-topic and we will not be strict on enforcing these. On the whole however, rather than take the current thread off-topic either post a new thread or bump an existing one. 3) No Flame/OT-baiting: No posting of comments where the only purpose is an attempt to get someone else to drag it off topic or get him or her to flame you. Snide remarks, one line off-topic posts with no content etc. 4) Try to avoid double posting: If you need to change a post, edit it rather than post an immediate reply. This is more of a guideline than a rule: if it doesn't appear you're spamming it shouldn't be an issue. 5) This is an all-ages game and forum. Please keep this in mind when posting. A certain level of liberalism is allowed, however please note derogatory terms relating to race, sexuality, gender or religion will be treated harshly. 6) Signature image cannot be bigger than 500 pixels wide and 300px tall (12/1/08--MKick). This is done so that readers with smaller screen resolutions will not have the page stretched in an unreasonable manner. 7) One forum account per user. Do not make multiple accounts. If you want to change your display name pm one of the mods listed at the bottom of these rules. 8) Participation in forum tournaments and competitions is extended only to forum members in good standing (you cannot participate if you are banned). This includes alliance membership and alliance competitions.

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