Strikeout At Life

Last Online - Wednesday 29th of April 2020
Display Name Jeembo
Member Since Oct 14, 2016
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 664-656


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The Captain
Bay Bombers
1-7-2017 3:52 pm EST
Hey man. Nice camp! Check your PM's next time you visit the forums. Got a proposition for ya.
Rock Hard MMA
1-5-2017 5:10 pm EST
thanks man! i Don't take it easy on any of my fighters its sink or swim at Rock Hard MMA! Arnold is probably treated the best as he is one of the few i actually game plan styles for! ...great looking camp you got here btw!
12-11-2016 9:30 am EST
Ohh nice What's your forum name? I'm ThePandaMan on there.
12-10-2016 5:19 pm EST
Hey man nice start to your camp! Have you joined the forums?
cool dudde
11-30-2016 5:33 am EST
Thank you my friend. I also respect you and your fighters. Greetings from Croatia