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Last Online - Wednesday 31st of March 2021
The Nice Guys
Display Name The Captain
Member Since Jun 27, 2011
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Overall Record 29355-21174


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Heart FC
3-20-2021 7:22 am EST
lol i know the finishes cap.
Movement MMA
2-19-2021 3:30 pm EST
Cheers Captain! Just casually dropping in and out at the minute but it's a nice blast from the past to be on the game again - hope you're keeping well mate!
1-30-2021 4:16 pm EST
Its funny how it works out some times. :)
11-6-2020 9:14 am EST
Good win but system be rigged lmaooo I'm playin bro just playin
11-1-2020 7:56 am EST
Rigged but good win
Master Oda
Tokugawa Dojo
10-26-2020 2:31 pm EST
You back??
7-27-2019 3:06 pm EST
last rest was a shit show on all my champs i had to send fights to everyone in top ten
Caio Morone
Brazilian MMA Team
5-3-2019 10:43 am EST
Thanks for the message! I've never been on forums.
8-15-2018 8:49 am EST
Jesus Cap you're kicking my ass all over the place today. Good job on grabbing another belt!
The Captain
Bay Bombers
4-6-2018 3:43 pm EST
20,000 Wins. Holy Shit!!
1-20-2018 12:54 am EST
Congrats on breaking into the Top 100 camps! I know it’ll be difficult to stay, but you look like a promising coach! =D
1-2-2018 6:25 pm EST
Hey buddy good to see you back playing. Think we took a break at the same time lol. Sorry had to knock you out of the Fantasy Football playoffs. You probably would have stood a better chance against Drink.
Jeremy Carlson
Pacifica Sportfighting
10-5-2017 1:24 pm EST
Really appreciate that. I have a lot of fun with the customisation. Wish my record was just as outstanding. ;(
9-20-2017 7:28 am EST
For sure cap. I'll be back . Hope all is well bud
Tap or Sleep
9-2-2017 1:25 pm EST
No opinions allowed.
Tap or Sleep
8-20-2017 4:13 pm EST
I don't know why but I got banned
No Mercy
8-15-2017 8:41 am EST
thanks for the fight captain ;)
Master Oda
Tokugawa Dojo
7-28-2017 12:03 pm EST
Thanks for the Legend fight, I knew I was outmatched completely and it showed. GB retired back in 2008 lol.
Crazy KO Camp
7-18-2017 9:41 am EST
Yo Cap, been hella busy and got a bit burnt out/frustrated on the game for a while so took a bit of a hiatus. Trying to get back into it now! Thanks for checking in haha
Pressure MMMA
6-6-2017 9:59 am EST
4-25-2017 5:42 pm EST
You are right he is starting to but yes...you are a thorn in his side. Hopefully he doesn't retire early so i can get there with him.
4-20-2017 4:41 pm EST
Hey I'm new to this game, like totally new Whilst I wait for my forum account to get accepted, what are your top tips for a noobie like me. Thanks
Pressure MMMA
2-6-2017 10:39 am EST
Thank you very much some great advice that I didn't even think of
Pressure MMMA
2-4-2017 12:31 pm EST
Hey brother yeah I just checked and didn't get them. I was having problems logging in with the Jonah account so I started a new account, ifthere is any way you can forward it to Judas that would be great thanks
Pressure MMMA
2-1-2017 4:18 pm EST
That's really cool for your to say, would love some tips, also are you the man I see about purchasing credits?
Pressure MMMA
2-1-2017 8:35 am EST
Dude what's wrong with this game. I have literally won 33 fights this week I am litterLy 33-87 this week... My guys keep loosing decisions where I clearly dominate via the pbp. It's quite disheartening watching my camp go from 30th on the rankings to 83 ....
1-17-2017 4:51 am EST
Doc Spencer gets next shot in Prel. Juice him up!
1-16-2017 6:49 pm EST
ask chief why im banned pls
1-8-2017 1:49 pm EST
I replied to your messsage. =)
Dublins Finest
1-6-2017 5:17 pm EST
And deleting comments just proves he's a retard
Lincoln Johnston
Island MMA
1-2-2017 1:04 pm EST
Thanks. I appreciate it.
Lincoln Johnston
Island MMA
1-2-2017 11:13 am EST
Old Vet. Haven't played in years. Just came back recently.
Tonari no Totoro
12-22-2016 10:17 pm EST
Yeah, getting that sr tickled my tummy enough to have me on almost once a day for a while here. I'll see how it goes. Be back around forum-side if my interest peaks a little more.
Pressure MMMA
12-18-2016 8:15 pm EST
Thanks for accepting the third fight , my win was bs according to the play by play but I'll take it... Let's save the fourth fight for the title :D
12-3-2016 2:05 am EST
I think it's my turn versus Duncan next reset. Bleu. I have x3 wins all in prel my old friend
12-2-2016 7:46 pm EST
http://mmarmy.boards.net/ - Sign Up Bro
Dirtbag MMA
10-7-2016 3:39 pm EST
yeah, rude was one of my favs... send my guys a fight anytime. take care.
Camp Connect
9-27-2016 7:52 am EST
Sick camp
8-8-2016 8:51 pm EST
I'm definitely making a fighter named Hamster Style now lol.
8-1-2016 8:32 pm EST
I apologize for the delay man. I posted our lineup in the THC forum but forgot to send it to you before I went away for the long weekend. I see its all good now though. Just wanted to apologize.
5-26-2016 8:25 am EST
Thanks a lot bro. I will need some help for sure. :)
5-11-2016 7:40 am EST
I just recruited this guy and as soon as he appeared your comment appeared on it http://mmarmy.com/fighter_stats.php?id=1288129
5-8-2016 4:25 pm EST
Hey just read your message regarding the forum event. Thanks for the offer but not interested in participating. Nothing against you, just not into forum stuff anymore like alliances, events, or whatever else.
Mister Judo
4-23-2016 11:50 am EST
someones overly fiesty. ddnt mean to be offensive just razzing u for tucking (weve all done it at times). crapples being a turd so thanks for the fight
Mister Judo
4-23-2016 7:51 am EST
Lame you challenge me with your lower ranked cns guys but not your closest in rank gnp dude lol. Regardless I think the title shot is mine- the postman
4-8-2016 8:23 am EST
Yo cap, just a Heads up I'm giving the shot Beauru just because of the missed resets and his last opponents ranking was higher. It was hard to figure this one out because I'm looking on my phone at a wedding!
3-31-2016 11:21 am EST
Dangit! Stupid lay n Pray! What is even in that?
Mister Judo
3-24-2016 10:01 pm EST
well back in my day me and sov were the only 2 to have 4/5 lol. and im pretty sure he did it with 2 camps i did it with only 1. regardless ty for the shot. ur not making getting the #1 easy! :)
2-24-2016 2:20 pm EST
Thank you sir! Sensei told me to sweep the leg.. I obliged.
2-8-2016 1:42 am EST
Itagaki Gym
1-16-2016 5:58 pm EST
gotta make the changes or i'll become obsolete.
1-16-2016 11:35 am EST
Thanks for the legend fight! If you want me to challenge any of your other guys just let me know. I've got 30 some tokens.
Sambo Bear
Raptor Academy
1-6-2016 6:38 pm EST
Man am i just really high or did Marcos Gamboa and Wes Baldwin just fight twice in like five minutes? You challenged me, beat me, then i challenged right back right? or am i trippin?
10-8-2015 6:58 pm EST
Beast of an SR you got there! Thanks for the fights.
Black Legion Fury
10-6-2015 4:23 pm EST
Oh I didn't really think about that actually. Will give it a shot.
Big T Plays
9-27-2015 1:18 pm EST
Hey man, thanks for the kind piece of advice. See ya out there :)
9-19-2015 8:01 am EST
I figured you had an actual legit reason and I was just curious. You play a good game.
9-13-2015 7:18 pm EST
thanks man congrats on number 1 camp bro you are killing it glad we are teammates !!!
The Captain
Bay Bombers
9-10-2015 7:07 am EST
#1 Camp Ranking Achieved!!
8-31-2015 6:44 pm EST
Yeah I just can't catch a break with him. I thought switching to SiO would yield more finishes but looks like hes a decision king.
6-25-2015 10:24 am EST
damn you
6-24-2015 3:27 pm EST
Thanks Cap!
6-23-2015 12:41 pm EST
I'm on vacation right now, so my internet access is iffy. I can't commit to any events for this week.
Welsh Warriors
6-19-2015 9:24 am EST
Haha now problem bro, good luck and will bump into you again im sure!
Welsh Warriors
6-17-2015 10:00 am EST
Yeah im finally managing to get online every day since a bunch of real life changes over last year but all good, Chief seems to be doing a good job and the game defo seems to be on the up! All the best mate and sure il have a few scraps coming up. What alliance you in now?
Welsh Warriors
6-16-2015 8:43 am EST
yo Captain, longtime no see! You were smashing the game then disspaeared without a trace, hope all is well and glad to see you back on here. Had a year off myself and just got back on now...lots of changes to get used to lol
Itagaki Gym
6-14-2015 5:56 pm EST
thank you, captain. the game is balanced enough that one person can't stay on the top for too long. it's always great to fight your guys because you don't cherry pick.
5-21-2015 11:55 am EST
I'm glad my suckitude benefits you. lol