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4-23-2009 5:22 pm EST
yeah man lets get them going
4-21-2009 7:28 pm EST
Hey bro lets get this fight done with our new guys, you got 20lbs on Ian Davis anyway so it will be a good test for him.
2-1-2009 5:23 am EST
thanks I'll look into it :)
1-22-2009 11:27 am EST
No worries, maybe we can fight for the title some other time. Best of luck bro! -Troy Cooper-
Kowboy Killers
12-31-2008 7:20 am EST
Hey The whopper quit on you. That Sucks. More Gay was still waiting for more ButtSecks.
Chuck W
12-8-2008 1:36 pm EST
so how about that title match tonight now that your the champ and im the top ranked fighter in the org ?
MMA jungle
12-2-2008 7:31 pm EST
It's ok, was it Kevin Hughes that I asked for you to give a shot to?
12-1-2008 12:37 pm EST
Thanks for the follow up. Hope out of town was good to you. Hope to see you in the cage in the near future. :) Bone Buster.
9-28-2008 5:26 pm EST
Thanks! =)
pat smithers
8-11-2008 10:46 pm EST
thanks for the tip
Luis Escobar
Team Refugee
6-24-2008 6:06 am EST
Am I physically involved with MMA? No. I do keep up with the MMA world though.