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2-6-2017 5:41 pm EST
alliance events alot more to this game then just getting on sparring and fighting
2-6-2017 5:41 pm EST
how come alot of cool events going on. chances to win special recruits and what not
2-3-2017 7:18 pm EST
are you on the forums?
1-19-2017 10:42 am EST
Thanks bro but I accepted another fight , good luck on your fight
12-17-2016 2:37 pm EST
Sorry man just send any of my guys challenges and I'll accept. My phone is down right now so i'm having trouble getting on. With title shots just make sure your coming off a win if I'm champ minus EFC. Good luck and nice looking camp!
Eleven Lounge
8-29-2010 8:31 pm EST
i was going for the Ministry of Darkness Undertaker look, hense the facial hair
6-28-2010 2:33 pm EST
it was going to be Elvis Coleman but he got booted from the org
Bender FC
3-16-2010 10:45 pm EST
The stats that the guy you commented on being so high have level 4 equipment. The cost (not counting lower levels) is $500,000 for level 4.