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Last Online - Saturday 2nd of December 2023
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NorthernLights Out
2-2-2024 6:07 pm EST
11-28-2023 8:39 pm EST
Hey Biz, nice to see you back. I returned myself a few weeks back and finally got out of the awkward rebuilding phase and got some trainers in place. Best of luck to you, dude. Hope all is well.
1-18-2021 10:50 am EST
I don't blame you in the least man. I try, but it's not like I am the picture of consistency lol. Thanks for reaching out though, I appreciate it. Good luck and talk soon!
Mister Judo
12-9-2020 4:21 am EST
Try for all the fights!
Team Goat Beard
5-14-2019 12:33 pm EST
MMA Artist, this is pretty close: MT/Wres/JJ Bal/Str/Fort/Spd (one of these rights is probably wrong as I "think" there's only a total of 6 stats for each build) But then again, all rights help, just some more than others for each build.
4-25-2019 1:51 pm EST
Sorry for the KOK holdup, been busy with work and some family issues. I sent my remaining challenges yesterday and it appears they've all been accepted.
4-10-2019 2:43 am EST
At that time, i have most of the match up as well, but the test i've done with my last build is not great (all left to 4 at least)! look forward to my next gen coming in two/three years game, it sounds very promising with Wrestl/JJ/Box/KB as main.
12-15-2018 9:29 am EST
Hey bro. This is locked away, i forgot my username and password. Can you please tell it to chief? Thanks..
Cody Pitbull Large
2-12-2018 2:59 pm EST
I saw the Ashin/shannon fight a little differently, He won the 2,3 round no doubt, although good fight, Rematch?
The Captain
Bay Bombers
1-2-2018 6:36 pm EST
Oh my god, Todd Gurley just owned my ass in back to back weeks. It was brutal. Sucks about week 17 benching kinda took the wind out of your sails. Work turned to full time for me awhile back, and I was just frustrated not being able to run a billion camps lol. Gonna try and get back into it with just this one. Somehow feels like a boatload of changes in such a short time away.
5-28-2017 1:42 am EST
Yea to bad he wasn't ready took like 5 in a row and put him back down
5-12-2017 3:45 am EST
looking again now. you were probably right about the shot. my apologies.
4-26-2017 7:48 pm EST
Thanks for the shot biz, good fight ..I really needed that one man ..Thanks bro
Dublins Finest
2-12-2017 12:16 pm EST
My bad biz, I'll make sure your guys get the next shot. Have the one with the 4 fight streak send me the request and I'll accept pm reset
Karates Best
1-4-2017 8:18 pm EST
ok ill check out the forum and the alliance thanks!
12-23-2016 6:55 pm EST
Sorry about that, I had sent out 3 requests for the morning and No one had accepted any of them, I should have checked before reset.
12-18-2016 7:57 am EST
It's all good man i completely forgot what was going on anyway. Thanks for the compliments and good luck with this camp!
11-22-2016 7:18 pm EST
thanks for the tips
Gi All Stars
11-4-2016 10:29 am EST
im just happy my guy can hang with some of the best and caps guy got me twice with a split.
Gonoreja BJJ
11-3-2016 5:14 pm EST
thanks for info brah!
10-29-2016 7:21 am EST
no worries man, i'm trying to get that title, i haven't had it for years so you can't blame me for trying. but i appreciate where you're coming from.
8-8-2016 11:57 am EST
thanks Biz for the kind of words; will try to keep it up; I'm turning my camp in a Cleansweep/FF stuff! I hope to get the same sucess !
Connor sullz
Team florian
8-2-2016 9:05 pm EST
I was thinking the same thing!
5-18-2016 3:52 pm EST
yeah thanks, his jujitsu was like that when i got him, I've been playing this game for 8 years and have never seen a guy as good as that from the start!
5-17-2016 5:59 pm EST
Ty mate I missed that with gene Simmons I'll try at mw. Thx again
BJ Dwinell
Team Birdman
4-21-2016 9:13 am EST
Thank you for that tip sir
The Captain
Bay Bombers
1-16-2016 5:03 pm EST
Thanks. Had no idea what would happen with CnL vs. CnS. Why don't you send me one back with VD to Lucas Barnes. He's never been subbed.
Sadaharu Oh Dojo
1-8-2016 11:05 pm EST
Nice, was thinking about moving Daniel up for the super fight but never got around to it.
1-1-2016 11:29 am EST
Thanks man. Consider it a little revenge for all the times Vinnie has whooped up on me ;)
12-23-2015 7:23 pm EST
thanks for the shot Biz
12-12-2015 8:14 pm EST
Thanks for the shot Biz
9-28-2015 4:25 am EST
Anytime bro good luck with your camp
9-25-2015 4:19 am EST
July 2461 - Finally made Top 100 camps @ #95
Rock Hard MMA
9-23-2015 5:55 pm EST
all good man i'm just throwing challenges left and right!
9-23-2015 4:40 am EST
Got lucky on the style switch for sure. Good to see another old account returning back to the game. Thanks for the fight!
9-22-2015 4:16 pm EST
Feb 2461 - Murilo Nogueira becomes first guy in the EFC and to Win since our return.
9-5-2015 5:58 pm EST
woah...nice to see you active again. you were playing when i first started playing in 2011. hows it going? new styles and a few switched stats throw a wrench into your gears?
8-25-2015 9:45 am EST
The game has come along so much! Ever improving under the new ownership!
8-25-2015 8:17 am EST
welcome back! :)
4-15-2010 2:26 pm EST
First 500 fights = 229-271 ////\\\\ Current Active Record == 88-44