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gate master
push off me
11-21-2012 3:46 am EST
Drew S
12-3-2010 5:35 pm EST
I stopped playing for like 2 years and I'm just getting back into it. I don't know fight style matchups yet.
Lake Fighting Systems
12-1-2010 5:26 am EST
Sounds great man, all of you guys have always been cool not to mention you all seem to build great fighters!
11-29-2010 4:59 pm EST
yea we always have good fights good win man
Lake Fighting Systems
11-29-2010 10:58 am EST
It's been a long time since then and I was only in it for a month or so before they shut down but it was the Venom Syndicate I think
Lake Fighting Systems
11-28-2010 5:44 pm EST
I used to be but then the alliance I was in disbanded and I haven't been up there much since then.
11-22-2010 7:21 am EST
I was on the forums last year. Jbear invited me but I didn't get on here enough for that.
11-17-2010 9:01 pm EST
How did I quit? I moved and was busy.. I have a kid and had more important things to take care of.. I helped grad with ptp..
11-1-2010 5:53 pm EST
That previous post is funny, a Nebraska fan talking about a choke job! Losing to a 4-4 Texas team who gets beat by Iowa State. Thats a choke job. No Nebraska, you do not spell Knowledge with a N.
10-31-2010 1:45 pm EST
yes, my entire weekend was ruined. I shall never recover. Try re-reading the post. I thanked you becuase I was no longer the number one contender....guess you partied away your ability to accurately understand written language. Two bad they choked last weekend or naybe that win would would have meant something.
10-21-2010 5:55 pm EST
Yea man u to hopefully we get the oppurtunity to do it again
10-14-2010 9:11 am EST
Yeah it sure was a good fight. You can tell they were tired by the 5ht round.
10-1-2010 6:27 pm EST
Thanks again
9-20-2010 3:59 pm EST
9-11-2010 1:10 am EST
9/11 I will not be on in the AM reset. I have the Socat HW belt and I will defend it in the PM
Goose Jitsu
9-8-2010 8:44 pm EST
Why do you fucking losers take this shit so seriously?
9-6-2010 9:07 am EST
I have my own camp, I don't even really use smacks camp anymore. I am starting from scratch. Know what your talking about before talking shit.
9-5-2010 2:46 pm EST
If you really think your a better coach then me, Why not challenge me to a coach off on the forums instead of throwing out personal insults..
9-5-2010 2:42 pm EST
LOL how often you beat my guys? This camp is pure PL? Out coached? You went fast feet with like 2 fuckin MA .. Get your head out of your ass dude..
Lake Fighting Systems
7-22-2010 5:13 am EST
i'm originally from Ohio but I live in NC right now
7-12-2010 5:46 pm EST
Lol, you know I was joking right?
7-11-2010 7:41 pm EST
I'm just joking, lol. Im the one ducking because I just dont think either one of my guys stands any remote chance, especially since both are complete loosers
7-10-2010 8:28 pm EST
Good win man, here's to many more.
7-7-2010 9:11 am EST
nice smack talking