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Last Online - Wednesday 3rd of April 2019
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8-12-2016 4:15 pm EST
Boxing 101
7-15-2016 12:45 am EST
Im really sorrryyyyyy, i had personal problems. Thanks for the shot.
7-10-2016 1:21 pm EST
Didn't think I'd win it...haha
The Domain
5-4-2016 12:48 pm EST
Caught me with my pants down, didn't even occur to me that you would go 8 pts. Nice job.
Liquid MMA
5-2-2016 8:29 pm EST
I wasn't trying to give you shit. Just wondering if my guy didn't meet some sort of criteria for you. Whatever your emergency was, hope it's okay.
5-2-2016 10:15 am EST
Sorry about the missed shot. I didn't realize I had a guy in title contention. Looks like you've had some bad luck recently with missed shot. Thanks for the attempt though!
Liquid MMA
4-30-2016 5:46 pm EST
Sorry. I missed the reset
420 Fight Club
4-25-2016 7:22 pm EST
sorry, couldnt make it to a computer this am.
Bone Machine
2-23-2016 12:27 pm EST
Lol yeah that guy came with 4.25 conditioning. Think that's the highest stat I've got on a non sr. Not complainig, worst case am set for cond trainer for a while.
Chris Hansen
God Wills It
1-22-2016 8:00 pm EST
Under new management -Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen
God Wills It
11-19-2015 9:33 am EST
sept2470 felix mikkensen was ducked by sam watts from team ro. Felix had 4 straight wins, figher who got shot had 2 wins
9-11-2015 5:56 am EST
5-25-2015 8:44 pm EST
Thanks, dude!
1-7-2015 5:48 pm EST
Looking back at both Louis "Silent Night" Arosio's streak and yours at the time of the missed reset his two wins were not only better then your 3 wins but he also didn't miss any resets during his streak. So don't feel so butt hurt for me missing a reset when you clearly did that during your streak and then proceeded to wait out a reset expecting that title shot that wasn't necessarily yours to begin with.
1-7-2015 5:44 pm EST
You know while I do understand why you feel cheated out of the spot but honestly I couldn't make the one reset so when I did get back the other guy clearly had the better streak going. I didn't deny you I gave the shot to the most deserving at the time.
Chris Hansen
God Wills It
1-7-2015 8:51 am EST
dec2417 hwt champ julian berger from artic wolfpack did not defend title when hade carroll was clear #1. Also denied shot jan2418 as another contender was able to add anoother win to his streak while hade waited for his title shot.
5-22-2014 12:31 pm EST
no I played a while back and had some pretty successful fighters but I've forgotten all of my account information cuz it was so long ago but I'm starting back up