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Last Online - Thursday 1st of April 2021
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Master Oda
Tokugawa Dojo
11-10-2020 10:26 am EST
Is this your "challenge all" camp Biz? lol
Master Oda
Tokugawa Dojo
11-5-2020 11:08 am EST
Welcome back Biz!
11-2-2020 5:04 am EST
haha hopefully you stick around, always good to see vet coaches returning :D
10-31-2020 10:51 am EST
BiZ is back???
4-26-2019 3:56 pm EST
If sent the challenge a while ago
8-31-2018 10:05 am EST
sense not since but you know what i meant
8-31-2018 10:04 am EST
I was thinking about what you said yesterday about catch wrestling and tgto. I looked at jake shields and he was listed as wrestling, jj, and shoot fighting. Shoot fighting i figure could be similar to catch. Makes since for catch to be in tgto just based off that. Also tell chief that i said he was a cunt. thank you :D
3-27-2018 8:37 am EST
Oh my bad lol i will check it out thanks
3-24-2018 10:37 pm EST
Thanks, don't really know what to train him in he got great jiu jitsu but I'm not a jiu jitsu camp lol
Juan Martino
Pain and Slain
3-21-2018 7:17 am EST
No worries. Good win. Just wish that my guy had a chin, gets KO a lot!
3-17-2018 8:45 pm EST
Recruited him, havent got one from the auction house yet but Ive only bought a handful so far.
3-6-2018 4:04 pm EST
May-June 2610 - Own #1 and #2 in the Camp Rankings
2-7-2018 8:47 am EST
Nov 2605 - Overtook Tok for #1 Camp Ranking.
9-19-2017 6:05 pm EST
Miss y'all, keep kicking ass
9-19-2017 6:04 pm EST
That's awesome man. Yeah I'll be back for sure. Catch up with you later
9-19-2017 5:58 pm EST
lol I will man I just have some shit I got to take care of first. For now I'll just rebuild. I will be back when solid again bud
7-14-2017 5:25 pm EST
Well whatever my guy is on melt down now so fuck it lol
7-14-2017 12:31 pm EST
well I guess to each his own when it comes to defending the efc belt. Whoever I think it's a bit bullshit a recent single win trumps my three straight wins in the org
1-16-2017 5:43 am EST
You got me :D
Tap 0r Snap
1-4-2017 11:25 am EST
Giving Matty a run for his money with best camp avatar
12-31-2016 4:48 pm EST
12-10-2016 9:04 pm EST
FML gotta start over...0 equipment as of this reset!
12-3-2016 6:53 pm EST
Thanx I'll check it out.
cool dudde
12-3-2016 5:05 pm EST
Hey, thanks mate. I made that change immediately after that fight. I think that my guy Kenny Powers have glass jaw. Still i ll try it with counter strike.
11-9-2016 9:48 am EST
Ha...no some surprise value there. Got a striking camp so hope he can adapt...tiny though. Good luck with your guy
8-28-2016 7:31 am EST
Impressive wins. Great camp.
8-7-2016 3:40 pm EST
thanks for accepting the legend fights : you have the best pyp fighters currently
6-5-2016 4:27 pm EST
I'm ready fight the sheriff
Mister Judo
3-15-2016 5:53 pm EST
il win then retire b4 ranks hit watch lol
11-25-2015 8:11 am EST
U on the forums bud?
8-8-2015 8:29 am EST
Welcome back! Good to see another returning camp.
420 Fight Club
5-5-2011 1:17 pm EST
Hey dude I noticed you left DV. I think you may have spoken to someone in MoD about joining us. Was that something you were still interested in?
4-17-2011 5:19 am EST
4-17-2011 4:16 am EST
would you be interested in joining an alliance?
6-1-2010 11:26 pm EST
Chavito Jimenez wins our first EFC title!!!
8-27-2009 5:11 am EST
300th win!