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#151098 - 11/12/09 12:09 PM RR Tourney Analysis & Scoreboard!
Mr. Wunderful

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This thread will be for the tournament analysis and the tournament score board only. Please check back here as often as you'd like to keep up to date on the progress of your division and your team, but please keep any comments to the general Round Robin Tourney thread. All comments in this thread will be deleted and this tread will be kept clean. Thanks guys.

Alliance Round Robin Tournament Analysis!!!
Tune in here for you tournament analysis after every reset! A team of skilled writers has been assembled to bring you reports and highlights after every round of the tournament. Be sure to check back here and keep up to date on how your division is doing and how your teammates are doing too!

Round Robin Tournament Scoreboard!!!

(Final Score:)
Soviets: 48
TLCS: 46
TTT: 42
SFL: 10
DBA: 68
BWC: 40

#151099 - 11/12/09 12:11 PM Re: RR Tourney Analysis & Scoreboard! [Re: Mr. Wunderful]
Mr. Wunderful

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And so it begins....

Good evening Ladies, Gentlemen and Fight Fans from around the world!

On Thursday, November 12/09 MMArmy will bear witness to the most grueling Alliance competition to hit the stage since the inception of the WAC!

Going for Glory will be a hard fought round robin tournament that will test the mettle of every fighter, coach and Alliance involved. Representatives will meet to do battle in the illustrious Glory Organization to see which Alliance will emerge victorious!

A team of MMArmy journalists will be in attendance to bring you professional analysis of all of the fights. A host of celebrities will also be in attendance to watch this war unfold and in some cases provide a support for their favorite pugilist. Look for interviews with some of the worlds A-List!

#151101 - 11/12/09 12:23 PM Re: RR Tourney Analysis & Scoreboard! [Re: Mr. Wunderful]
Mr. Wunderful

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This is sports writer Warren reporting for the "Sunny Times"...

As a sports writer I was asked to do several articles in the Heavyweight Division regarding the "Going for Glory Round Robin Alliance War" being put on by Promoter Mr. Wunderfull.

I will be doing several before fight interviews and several during and after fight interviews.

Before the "Going for Glory Tournament" begins I had a chance to sit down with several of the Heavyweight contenders representing their camp and alliance along with their trainer to review their carreer and ask several questions.

Here is some of the information collected while the hopes and dreams of all are still in tact with each looking forward to winning and bring home the coveted title at hand.

In the Heavyweight Division:

1. Chelo "The Chupacabra" Vega has a walk around weight of 279 lbs. During my interview of Chelo and his trainer TaPnYaOUT of Camp SnaPsNTaPs I learned that this trainer of "Drunken Bum Alliance" is considered fondly by the other members as "DBA's Pit Bull." Vega and Tap proudly sport a record of 47/19 and have held a ranking of # 17. In the trophy room we see 8 different title belts with 24 wins amongst them, certainly an impressive career so say the least. Vega has trained in the areas of Sambo, Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling. Vega is considered ruthless in the cage leaving mayhem and destruction behind. Chelo holds little KO power with most of his wins coming by way of decision. His losses are few and he is rarely KOed. This contender plays for keeps.


2. J.C. "Boy Band" Stevens is competing in the Going for Glory Tourney under the Alliance banner of Simyard Fight League. His trainer is none other than Jbear of the well known MMArmy camp, "The Bus Stop." Steven brings a record of 40/31 as a 263 pound heavyweight into the cage with lots of previous Glory experience. Jbear has been training this fighter in Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu and Brawling to round out his ground game and give him plenty of switches to adapt to each opponent for this tournament. When asked about his fighter's hidden abilities he indicated that he couldn't say for sure but thought in might be in his cup size. This reporter thinks that his opponents should keep a watchful eye on this cat. The SFL Alliance always fights with honor and dignity in the cage, but you never know for sure what will cum!

SFL, Jbear:

3. Dennis "Tgior LeDiuz" Colon is a 277 pound mix martial artist fighting for MJA Fight Squad under the watchful eye of Mark J Aronoff. Dennis learned his trade in Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling and is considered strong and quite flexible by anyone's standard. He bring a record of 26/11 to the cage earning two title and four title belts in Glory and Strike Fest. Being no stranger to difficult fights I expect Tgior LeDiuz to step up his game in this tournament. You should be ware of his ability to PG or his switch of SiO or FS. If an opponent under rates this fighter he may earn himself a short nap.

BWC, Mark Clavelle:

4. Gary Young is no stranger to winning. He has won his last five fights and I'm sure he plans on winning the Going for Glory Tournament with his Soviet Alliance. This fighter has stamina and it shows, his last five fights went the distance winning all by a decision. Training under the infamous Prote Inshake, Jr. of Team Shakes this fighter could pull an upset. His street weight in 274 lbs. and his record to date is 25/18. Gary trains in Jiu Jitsu and Westling and obviously likes to PG but can also get you strikers with his FS talents. This too, is a fighter not to under estimate.

Soviets, Caleb24:

5. David Biek is a 276 Lb. Heaveyweight training under Toj Flojian of Flojian Academy. His alliance of choice is TTT Alliance which stands for "To The Top". David is a Jiu Jitsu expert with Wrestling and Brawling experience that he brings to the cage where he has won two belts, MFO and LotC, with three wins between them. At the time of this interview he sported a record of 30/17 and shows his skills in PG, FS, SiO and GnP. With experience like this he promises to be a real threat for any opponent. The former champ when ask if he ever had trouble making weight or ever missed weight replied curtly, "Nope." Any opponent that Biek fights will be met with that same curt, direct in your face aggression that has gotten him into the ranks Glory. David Biek and his trainer Toj are two men of few words and will bring into the cage, "raw aggression."

TTT , Toj:

This reporter believes we are going to see some fireworks in this tourney and I'll be reporting to you the information in the heavyweight division.

I wish at this time to wish luck and safe keeping to all of the participants.


#151242 - 11/13/09 04:44 AM Re: RR Tourney Analysis & Scoreboard! [Re: Mr. Wunderful]
Mr. Wunderful

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Round 1 Analysis

First Round Lightweight Wrap Up:

Fight #1
Clay Powell v. Junichi Sonoda

In a classic striker v. grappler match up, grappler came out on top. Using an excellent jab to maintain range and a slick transitioning on the ground, this was a fight dominated by Sonoda. After 3 round of taking down Clay at will the judges scorecards all told the same story, 20-17. To his credit, Clay seemed not to be rattled by the smooth jui jitsu game of his opponent and didn't mind trying to fight on the ground but his opponent was just too much.

Result: TTT via Unanimous Decision

Fight #2
Edwin "Lil Heathen" Stevenson v. Hachiro "King Of Pancrase" Nakada

Another battle of grappler v. striker goes to the grapplers. This fight had all the makings of a classic, the first round dominated by Nakada left Stevenson looking for answers in the second round. He found them by keeping the fight standing and landing numerous hard strikes eventually leading to a knockdown just before the bell. The third round was set up to be the deciding round and when they came out trading you could feel the crowd ready to explode. After some probing strikes, Stevenson whipped around with a head kick that caught nothing but air. Nakada pounced with a left hook that wobbled Stevenson and then followed with a few more punch leaving Stevenson out on his feet and forcing the ref to step in and save him.

Result: BWC via 3rd Round TKO

Fight #3
Joey Lewis v. Robbie "Cock and Ribs" Cote

The closest battle of the lightweight divison was never as close as the judges scored it. After dominating the first two round DBA's Joey Lewis came out gassed in the third round and while he never put himself in harms way he took enough punishment to sway one of the judges to Cote's side. For all you apsiring MMA fighters out there, let this be a lesson to you that conditioning is of the utmost priority when training for a fight.

Result: DBA via Split Decision


Perennial underachiever and Soviet Nation representative Gerard Hayden (24-20) took on eccentric 41-year-old Curley “Booty Beast” Landry (52-34) in a bout that matched Hayden’s jiu-jitsu against the punishing ground assault of the Booty Beast. Donning his trademark purple-and-yellow rainbow tights, Landry left similarly purple welts on the former A-1 Welterweight champion’s face, as he bludgeoned Hayden with brutal punches from the mount. The end came when Hayden, 33, gave up mount after a brief scramble and was forced to tap out, warranting a reprieve from the ref and a merciful end. Former two-time GLORY Welterweight champion and Beaver Wrecking Crew representative Landry, meanwhile, escaped with nary a scrape on his face.

Perhaps the most competitive bout in the welterweight division featured hard-nosed strikers Evan “Xero Divider” Ryan (30-18) from To The Top and TLCS’s Dillon “In It to Win It” Bennett (35-16). Bennett, 41, is known for having veritable pillows for hands but an unshakable iron will, and Ryan similarly, while always a dangerous striker, is not known for incredible power. Despite being hit with a liver kick in the first round that floored him, Bennett pushed the pace in the second and found himself on the winning end of a number of exchanges, including a beautiful right cross that floored the hardknocks mma product. However, Evan Ryan dramatically rebounded in the third round, nearly putting Bennett away with a right hand of his own and in general punishing his chop down foe throughout the round. Ryan was awarded with the well-deserved split decision victory from the judges. Despite having fought, the RR tournament commission concedes that Dillon Bennett might have had to have been disqualified anyway for not having secured a GLORY contract within the allotted timeframe.

Simyard Fight League and DBA were set to do battle in the evening’s third welterweight contest, but SFL fighter Chance “The Tank” Hart (66-55) was a no-show for the bout and was promptly DQ’d. That means that DBA’s Del “Skelator” Nelson (15-7) will pick up a conveniently easy victory.


Welcome to the Middleweight division, where where the fighters are small enough to be lightning FAST and and big enough to pack some POWER in their gloves!

First lets head to the tilt between the SOVIET NATION and the dudes of THE LEBOWSKI CRIME SYNDICATE!

TLCS: Aki "Salute to Sea" Muro vs Maurice "Big Mo" Bailey

This match squared off two fighters in their primes, with Muro having the slight edge in experience as well as in size. This match on paper looked like the classic "striker vs. grappler" battle, and played out exactly the same in the ring. Bailey came out swinging, but was shortly floored. Muro had no desire to go to the ground, and Bailey was too much under fire from the Japanese striker to take the fight to his jiu jitsu domain on the mat. Bailey was knocked down twice and kept coming until Muro finished the job in the latter part of round number one by Uppercut KO.

Here's a treat for fight enthusiasts, in our next MW matchup the prize went beyond alliance bragging rights, with the GLORY STRAP at stake. Here's how it played out:

Terrible's Matt Bryant against BSP from Simyard!

This rematch between two tough fighters went the full 25 for the second time and both fighters were given a standing ovation as the bout concluded. Here's how I scored it: Bryant takes every round, round 3 10-8. "Seavillebri1" completely dominated BSP, but BSP showed no quit and took the punishment like a man. Bryant holds his belt and goes 1-0 in the tourney with the UD.

Our third fight, DBA's Antonio "cubanero" Estrada vs BWC's Red "Auerbach" Henderson has been delayed and may or may not happen. My money is on Red in this one.

and that's your middleweight report, good fight and good night!


This is Shoddy coming to you live from the Going for Glory tournament! Man what a pumped up crowd...this place is on fire tonight!

Soviet Nation vs. Simyard Fight League
Our first fight of the night saw Soviet Nation representative Carlos Rego (33-21) lock horns with SFL standout Juanito Gonzales (21-10). Gonzales came out in the first looking to clinch and after stopping a takedown attempt from Rego, he began landing crisp strikes and scored a knock down. This obviously woke Carlos Rego up because over the next two rounds he gave Juanito a lesson in smack around. Carlos came out swinging and used his superior wrestling to work some serious GnP and even threw in a couple of sub attempts in an attempt to finish the fight.

Analysis: Juanito certainly had his chin tested tonight, but he survived right through to the final bell. Tough opening loss, but he could definitely provide a problem for someone who he could utilize his Sambo on.
Carlos Rego looks to be a dangerous fellow. He's very aggressive and has managed to beat a more qualified grappler. If his chin holds up, he could be a threat to anyone.

TTT vs. Drunken Bum Alliance
Classic grappler versus striker matchup in our second fight! TTT toughguy Timoteo Gonzales (45-35) took on DBA's own Nelson Robinson (50-33) in a battle of opposites. Robinson led the charge to start the first round landing kick after kick and countering Gonzales' only offense with a tidy takedown to end the round. Round two was the exact opposite. A sharp punch from "Tomato" sent Robinson to the mat, where he quickly got down to the business of beating on "Smiley DBA". The final round was all DBA, as Nelson came out throwing combos and landing big punches clearly looking for a KO.

Analysis: Timoteo Gonzales has a head made of rock. He took a big kick in the head, ate several punches and never went down. A possible BJJ switch to his PL game could help him past strikers in the future.
Nelson Robinson can switch up his styles pretty easily which should keep his opponents guessing. Even though he was dropped by Gonzales, I don't think his chin will give him any problems.

Beaver Wrecking Crew vs. The Lebowski Crime Syndicate
Our final LHW fight of the night pitted BWC competitor Michael Wood (47-30) face off against perpetual criminal Paulo Antonelli (23-19). Both men brought a solid BJJ game to the table and it went to the ground almost immediately. Paulo attempted numerous submissions, but couldn't sink one for the win. His aggressiveness gave him the nod in the first. In the next two rounds Wood was the busier fighter and tried to land his own share of subs. It seems that these two canceled eachother's strengths out, as for the third time our LHW's went to a decision.

Analysis: There wasn't a lot to dissect in this one. Both are great BJJ fighters and both display sound sub offense and excellent defensive skills as well. I look forward to see how these two fare the rest of the tourney.


First Round Results in the Heavyweight Division:

The tournament has begun with high hopes for all. Some will get the breaks and some will not. Some will move on to round two and others will not. No matter who moves on and who is left behind I expect hard competition from all with all giving their best effort on the night.

As these fights unfold I will give to you the fan a break down of the events fight by fight in the Heavyweight Division.

With all of the hoop la going on and Alliances trying to position themselves for the wins we may see some roster changes occur.

Fight #1:

In the first fight we have the Drunken Bum Alliance against the Lebowski Crime Syndicate.
DBA's Chelo "The Chupacabra" Vega fighting TLCS's Russ "The Wild One" Wilson. With only a one pound difference in weight coming into play there will be NO weight advantage. With both fighters being well trained in the same style of martial arts it could be scored a win by either or. This sports writer gives a slight edge to DBA's Vega.

This fight starts fast with Vega staggering Wilson early in the first round in the latter part of the round Vega takes down Wilson and he appears to be having his way with him. The second round start a bit differntly with Vega being taken down by Wilson but he muscles his way back to his feet to shoot on Wilson and take him down winding up in Wilson's guard. While dropping a several bombs on Wilson, Wilson reverses Vega with an explosive reaction just as the round come to an end. In the third DBA's Vega land some vicious knees on Wilson and it seems as though Vega is having his way with TLCS's Wilson mixing strikes from his hands and legs. Chelo attempts a take down but it appears that Wilson falls down from being so exhausted. With a monstrous bomb that is dropped by Chelo the round is over, the fight is finished and so is Wilson via a SD. This reporter see it more as a UD but I don't get to vote. I think after this fight Wilson will be head to the ice bath.

Fight #2:

In the second fight we have Soviet Nation's Gary Young against Symyard Fighting League's JC "Boy Band " Stevens. SFL Alliance's Stevens has the ability to do a lot of switching of styles to better fight the high stated Gary Young. The question here is simply will the high stats fighter stand up against switch style fighter in the cage? This sports writer believes that the high stats fighter will pull it off, however, an upset could be possible.

In this particular fight there has been no posting of the results in the proper thread at this time.

Fight #3:

The third fight of the night gives us To The Top, Shane Moore, fighting Beaver Wrecking Crew, Dennis Colon. Colon comes into the fight sporting a 26/11 record against Shane Moore's record of 16/6. To this reporter this fight is a coin toss.

It has been brought to my attention that the fighter representing The Beaver Wrecking Crew has been disqualified due to a no show. When each alliance is fighting for every point this will be a slight disadvantage to begin any tournament. Will BWC be able to overcome this dreadful start, only time will tell?

Lets see what round two will bring in the way of result. We hope that the participants of this tournament have been able to process there fighters through with the proper paper work to get their fighters registered for combat action.


#151401 - 11/13/09 11:20 PM Re: RR Tourney Analysis & Scoreboard! [Re: Mr. Wunderful]
Mr. Wunderful

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Round 2 Analysis

We don't have the Lightweight Analysis done yet, it is still to come.


TTT’s Evan “Xero Divider” Ryan took on DBA’s Del “Skelator” Nelson in a battle of strongly contrasting styles. Ryan came out hoping to cut Skelator’s legs out from underneath him, while Nelson’s goal seemed primarily to get Ryan down, expose his inexperience on the ground, and submit him. In the first round, it was Ryan who pummeled Skelator’s legs with brutal leg kicks; he also cracked him with a solid knee to the jaw and, by the end of the round, had left black and blue welts on Nelson’s torso and thighs. Nelson, clearly displeased with being on the wrong end of a one-sided beat-down, immediately took Xero Divider down in the second round, landing in side control. Nelson then smoothly transitioned to mount, and kept Ryan in danger for almost the entire rest of the round. Skelator decidedly won the second to all in attendance, and it seemed as if the third round would decide the winner. Nelson, to even his own surprise, clipped Ryan with a punch and put him down on the mat, and he again attained mount on the hardknocks mma product. From there, Skelator kept Ryan on the defensive for most of the rest of the round, and his performance earned him a surprisingly close split-decision victory (despite having definitely won two rounds).

The Booty Beast took on control specialist and wrestler Chance “The Tank” Hart in the evening’s second bout. Curley Landry battered Hart for the first five minutes of the fight, punishing him with multiple clean shots and flooring him with a solid right hand to the top of the head. Following the round, Hart’s corner pleaded with him to let his hands go, and their half-there fighter did just that: In the second round, it was Hart who caught Landry with a punch to send him down, and that knockdown likely won him an otherwise close, back-and-forth round filled with exciting exchanges. However, in the decisive third frame, a visibly spent Hart missed badly on an overhand left, sending him stumbling off balance and opening the door for a five-punch combo from Landry that sent The Tank to the mat. Before Landry could attempt to seek a finish, the final bell sounded, and Landry was awarded the unanimous decision with three identical 29-28 scores.

In the evening’s third bout, Dillon Bennett was disqualified for failing to show for his fight with Gerard Hayden. We’re still awaiting confirmation as to who precisely will be penalized for this fight being unable to take place.


Updating our last entry, the fight between DBA's Antonio "cubanero" Estrada vs BWC's Red "Auerbach" Henderson has been cancelled due to scheduling conflicts. We can hope for a rematch of this one in the playoffs.

The second day of combat at 185 went down as follows...
In our first bout, TTT's Matt "The American Dream" Albright went to war against SN's Mo "The Snake Charmer" Bailey. This one wasn't even close. "Seavillebri1" took Bailey down, passed guard, mounted and pounded out the first round win to maintain his stranglehold on the 185lb field of our tourney and the organization at large.
BWC's Red "Auerbach" Henderson returns to action against SFL's BSP who is trying to step out of the shadow of his more famous UFC champion brother...
Here's how i scored it: 10-9 Auerbach, 10-9 BSP, 10-9 BSP. The judges award BSP with the split. Auerbach came out strong, outstriking the canadian in the first, but was worked on the ground and worn down in round 2, and knocked down and controlled in the third.

In our third bout, once again a DQ was issued. Lebowski's Aki "Salute to Sea" Muro skipped his pre-fight drug screening and will have to reapply for certification next month with the commision. This awards the DQ win to the "Cuban Missle" Estrada and DBA.

DAY 3:
BSP vs Mo Bailey in our first bout. This one went 15, with Saint Pete raising his hand in the end. Here's how i scored it: 10-9 BSP, 10-9 BSP, 10-8 BSP. Bart owned this one with heavy hands and a wide variety of submission attempts, but give credit to Bailey for going the distance.
Our second round 3 bout saw the return of Aki Muro to the ring against he formidable Red Henderson. The Red Menace put up a good fight, but didn't do enough to win over the judges. Here's how i scored it: 10-9 Muro, 10-9 Auerbach, 10-9 Muro. This was an outright standup war, and i'm amazed both of these men had the chins to withstand that bombs that were thrown. Hell of a bout!

and as is becoming standard in our division, there was no third fight. This time it came down to Cubanero missing the weight cut, coming in at 189 first cut, then 188, and 187 on the final attempt. The fighters decided not to fight a catchweight with Matt Albright as it would not be allowed for the tourney and that their efforts would be better spent preparing for the next months fights.

Thank you all once again, we have two more rounds of fights and then the playoffs. hope to see you there! This has been the Middleweight report, signing off.


It was another exciting day here at the Going for Glory tournament! Here's what went down in the LHW division today...

Drunken Bum Alliance vs. Simyard Fight League
Juanito Gonzales came out firing on all cylinders after a tough opening round loss. Not wanting to test his luck against a superior striker in Nelson, Gonzales quickly took the fight to the mat and softened his opponent up with GnP over the course of two rounds. The third round saw Nelson coming out needing a finish, but after following Juanito to the ground and looking for some GnP, Nelson fell victim to a slick armbar.

Analysis: Juanito Gonzales gets the chance to showcase his grappling skills and proves he's got game. Tightening up his ground work for matchups with fellow grappler's should be his main concern. His solid chin and agility should help keep him out of danger with strikers.
Nelson Robinson is still very much in the hunt for Glory. Working on his grappling defense...or offense...could help this fighter immensely.

Soviet Nation vs. The Lebowski Crime Syndicate
Carlos Rego wasted no time from the opening bell and came out swinging. Paolo instigated a clinch and eventually Carlos found himself on his back. Rego was able to fend off Antonelli's submission attempts as the round came to an end. Carlos again demonstrated that he doesn't like close calls as he battered Paolo on the feet to open the second. An attempt at landing some of his own strikes landed Antonelli on the ground as Carlos executes a nice throw. That was all the invite Rego needed as he finishes his opponent with some brutal stomps.

Analysis: Rego's game continues to impress this reporter, as he takes out another superior submission artist. His aggressive style, both on the feet and the ground makes him a tough matchup for anyone. Interested in seeing him face a striker. Things are looking a bit grim for Paolo Antonelli. After suffering his second loss in a row, he'll no doubt be craving a win. Unfortunately the competition isn't getting any lighter for this BJJ fighter and he'll need to do something fast if he wants to turn his tournament around.

TTT vs. Beaver Wrecking Crew
Another great match up on paper, Timoteo Gonzales and Michael Wood met in the cage to compare their grappling credentials. Wood opened the fight with some good boxing and utilized his jab well. The fight went to the ground immediately starting the second, where Wood simply outclassed Gonzales. Michael quickly advanced his position from side control to mount where he eventually opened "Tomato" up to a rear naked choke.

Analysis: Michael Wood continues to demonstrate excellent BJJ skills and ground control. Always looking to finish, he's a problem for others after securing his latest win. Timoteo finds himself on the outside looking in and will have to face a juggernaut in his next fight. If his chin can withstand Rego's assault, he has a shot at beating him and would have the opportunity to go 2-2 in the tourney.


Well, we had some strange results in the first round of the tournament come into play, It seems that there has been some confusion starting the tournament and posting the results. You the fan will be brought up to date as this information comes forth, now let's see what the second round of action has for us from the Big Boys...

The late news just now coming in from tournament officials shows that Gary Young won his first round fight over JC Stevens of the SFL Alliance by a UD.

In a side note: I find it hard to believe that simple order can not be followed by the participants. Only the winners should be posting the results to the officials for verification. Any thing more is needless and confusing. Help the promoter, Mr. Wunderfull, do his job in making this promotion a success. Moving on...

Round two matches gives us SFL vs DBA in the first fight, TLCS vs BWC in the second fight and Soviet Nation vs TTT in the third fight.

Fight One:

SFL's JC. "Boy Band" Stevens gives up 16 pounds to DBA's Chelo "The Chupacabra" Vega. This will certainly come into play during the fight in this reporter opinion.
Round one begins with "Boy Band" striking and jabbing at will the larger Vega. Vega, dodging a cross from Stevens fall to the ground trying to catch Stevens in his gauard. Stevens being very careful the Bigger Vega wants none of it and back off. After exchanging stand up strikes Stevens grabs the head of Vega and roughly throws him to the mat without the slightest warning. This reporter is in a bit of awe as to how easily JC Stevens is handling the bigger man, Vega. Round two begins with each fighter circling the cage a faintly strikes and take downs. DBA's Vega throw a mean kick to the head of Stevens that is blocked and follows with multiple strikes that takes its toll and send Stevens to the mat. It appears to this reporter that Chelo Vega is turning up the heat by landing several punches while Stevens is on the mat. It will clearly take the third round to determine the outcome of this fight. As the third round starts the heaver Vega is now in total control, both on the ground and standing giving JC "Boy Band" Stevens all he can possibly handle. JC is in total defensive mode trying to survive the pummeling he receiving at the hands of "Chupacabra" as the bell sounds and the fight is over.

Chelo Vega win by a SD.

I don't know what the judges were watching for a fight but to this reporter it was clearly a UD with Vega winning both the second and the third round. It appeared to this reporter that Stevens gassed after exerting so much energy in the first round.

This marks the second win for Chelo Vega in this competition and he now stands at 2/0 while JC Stevens falls to 0/2.

Fight Two:

Russ "The Wild One" Wilson from Camp Smacku vs Bernhard "See A Bitch Smack" Abicht from Camp hitmen

This fight should prove to be interesting as the two men are within 6 pounds of each other and carry a record that is quite similar in that Wilson is 38/22 and Abicht is 38/16. Will Abicht's well known GnP trump Wilson's PG? We will know the results shortly.

In round one Russ Wilson is hit with a jab-cross and then brutally shoved to the ground. Bernhard falls into his guard, delivering a strong punch as he does so. The Wild One" takes mount and applies some well timed strikes.

Round two starts out with "The Wild One" getting double underhooks, and unleashes unanswered knees to the midsection. Wilson abandons the clinch by pulling guard and bringing "See A Bitch Smack" with him. "
"The Wild One" lands a stiff elbow while on his back. Russ Wilson connects with some unorthodox punches from the bottom position. Russ begins to work the rubber guard. Russ Wilson backs out of the guard after some unsuccessful motions and both fighters are standing.

"See A Bitch Smack" eats a jab,jab, then a hook from Wilson. The fighters clinch. Russ is in the clinch with Bernhard Abicht, and changes levels for a double leg takedown. "The Wild One" risks going for a leg lock and being caught in Bernhards guard. It doesn't pay off as "See A Bitch Smack" makes his way to standing. "The Wild One" narrowly dodges a cross from "See A Bitch Smack", but falls catching him in his guard. Russ shifts his hips to get better position in the guard. While in the guard, Bernhard Abicht drops a Bomb of a punch. Russ throws the leg over and rolls it over into an armbar. Bernhard Abicht submits and the fight is history.

Russ Wilson wins by an Armbar setting his record at 1/1 on his "Road to Glory."

Fight Three:

How will the fight between Gary Young of Soviet Nation go against TTT Alliance member Shane Moore?

Gary Young begins this fight fresh off a UD win in round one of the Going for Glory Tournament. Can he, will he be able to do it again against the bigger Shane Moore? Shane Moore of Camp Sting Like a Bee is 17 pounds heavier coming into this fight.

As the round opens Moore is staggered by a jab to the chin. Shane Moore connects with a series of punches forcing Gary Young into a clinch. Gary Young uses his under and overhook to hit a solid body toss takedown, landing in full guard. Young takes a risk going for a leglock from being caught in Moores guard. It doesn't pay off as Moore makes his way to standing. Gary narrowly dodges a cross from Shane Moore, but falls catching him in his guard. Gary begins to work the rubber guard. Gary Young lands a stiff elbow while on his back. While in the guard, Shane Moore drops a long punch. Gary throws the leg over and rolls it over into an armbar. Shane Moore has no choice but to submit giving Gary Young his second win in this tournament.

The heat is building and the tension is clearly thickening.


#151689 - 11/15/09 02:42 PM Re: RR Tourney Analysis & Scoreboard! [Re: Mr. Wunderful]
Mr. Wunderful

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Going for Glory Finals Tonight!!!

This has been one hard fought tournament folks. The tight standings provide no clear picture as to which Alliance will grab the Glory and take it all. A victory in the finals is worth 10 points, so it's still possible for anyone to win! Stay tuned for the results as they come in, this one is going down to the wire!

Each Alliance should be congratulated on their performance, you all came through strong and represented, but only one will taste the Glory!

#151690 - 11/15/09 03:02 PM Re: RR Tourney Analysis & Scoreboard! [Re: Mr. Wunderful]
Mr. Wunderful

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Lightweight Division Semi's:

Fight # 1. :

It has been reported that the fighter for BWC has retired and therefore TTT Alliance fighter receives the automatic win. This is due to no alternates being allowed in the semi finals or the finals.

Fight # 2. :
DBA's Joey Lewis is a 38 year old fighter with a record of 48/36. He is trained in PL, FS, SiO and GnP with three titles to his credit and eight belts. Lewis fights out of Camp Team 7 Eleven under the watchful eye of Coach Haji. This is a fighter that will get down and dirty with you to pull out the win and fights often.

TLCS's Edwin "Lil Heathen" Stevenson is a 32 year old fighter with a record of 18/7. He is trained in all types of Standup fighting such as CD, FF, and Muay Thai and has four titles to his credit and seven belts. He fights out of Camp Welcome to Hell and is trained by D E A T H. This is a fighter that is not afraid of death when he enters the cage, when he enters the cage. His opponents must be ready to make the ultimate sacrifice if they want to compete with this fighter.

Look for this fight to go the distance. Now lets get to the fight...

Round One...
Throughout most for the round Stevenson is scoring strike after strike and Lewis appears confused by the constant pounding.

Round Two...
Round two begins much the same as round one with one exception...kicks have now been added to the onslaught by "Lil Heathen" Stevenson. Stevenson's accuracy is spot on and he drops Lewis with a kick to the liver. More strikes and more kicks leaves Lewis taking a knee once again. Lewis stands to meet his competitor only to receive more strike damage. Stevenson explodes with a flury on punches trying to end the fight here and now but the bell rings saving Lewis.

This reporter see defeat in the eyes of Lewis.

Round Three...
After an exchange of punches, the fighters engage in the clinch. Stevenson lands some solid knees to the legs of Joey from the clinch. Joey Lewis attempts to pull guard, but slips, putting him on the ground, and with "Lil Heathen" standing over him. "Lil Heathen" drops a huge strike to Joeys chin, landing into his guard. Lewis goes for a kimura from the bottom, but "Lil Heathen" slips out at the last second. Lewis begins to work the rubber guard. Edwin pulls out of the guard of Joey Lewis, stands up, feels it out, and drops a huge right hand to the jaw of Joey Lewis. "Lil Heathen" attempts to strike with a double-axe handle but Joey is able to switch him to mount.

The announcer calls the fight for Edwin "Lil Heathen" Stevenson by a Split Decision.

This reports see the fight going three round to none for Stevenson. And Lewis is headed for the ice bath tank.

See you all at the finals!

LHW FINAL PREVIEW: Soviet Nation vs. Drunken Bum Alliance
The LHW final is set to be a barn burner! Early favorite Carlos Regos started out hot with three straight victories, but was cooled off by a couple of losses. He managed to exact revenge in a rematch with Michael Wood of BWC fame and coincidentally will face the man who handed him his first loss, DBA's Nelson Robinson, in the final. Robinson looked to be in trouble after losing his second and third fight by way of armbar submissions, but he was able to turn it around by winning three straight. Both fighters have the tools to come out of the tournament a winner and I think this fight comes down to the better gameplan.

Heavy Weight Division:

Going for Glory...Round Six, Semi Finals...

On this beautiful morning we find the semi finals in the Heavyweight Division posted as follows: # 1 DBA vs # 4 TTT and # 2 TLCS vs # 3 SN.

The best of the best is about to be determined today in the Heavy Division of the Going for Glory Tournament that was put together and promoted by Mr. Wunderful. I have found that Mr. Wunderful is truly wonderful to work with during this event and this reporter looks forward to working with him again another time in the future.

In the first fight I find:

Chelo "The Chupacabra" Vega fighting Shane Moore. Winner of this fight moves into the Championship Round of the Heavyweight Division.

Shane Moore is fighting out of "Camp Sting Like a Bee" under the banner of "TTT" (To The Top). This reporter has found that in Shane Moore, if he is anything, it is more of, to the middle, than To The Top. He has lost fight during this tournament and it would be a major upset if he were to win his fight against Chelo Vega. Although he come from an alliance that has top rated camps and camp coaches and their alliance is considered to be a premium group, I just don't see this fight or this tournament going their way.

With Chelo "The Chupacabra" Vega he is fighting out of Camp SnaPsNTaPs under the watchful and powerful force of TapNYaOUT. Vega is fighting under the banner of Drunk Bum Alliance. This reporter finds that the Term Drunken Bum Alliance is an oxymoron, quite the contrary, this alliance is putting together a team effort that shows no alcohol abuse what so ever, they are a close team that has worked and fought hard to get here. If anything, I find that the opponents of Vega are using alcohol to mental prepare themslves, so they think, for the fight of their life against the veteran fighter that take no prisoners.

I see this fight ending early by a brutal submission coming from the fighter from Alliance DBA. I think it will be a repeat of Round Four when Vega subed Moore in the first with a RNC. Watch out Moore, you may just get, more...of the same...a RNC in the first!

Now let's get to the fight...

Round One...
Chelo Vega wraps around Moores waist, and drags him to his back, taking side control Chelo Vega slides his knee across the body of Shane Moore and takes full mount. Shane attempts to escape mount but has no luck. Shane gives his back up trying to escape the mount. Chelo peppers Moore with several shots to the face. Chelo Vega sets in a rear naked choke. Moore taps out.

Chelo Vega wins by first round submission (RNC)

Did this reporter call it or what...Chelo Vega is a "Beast", plain an simple...a ruthless beast! This fighter respects no one, and it puts him in a class of his own. Chelo Vega moves in to the Championship Round of the Road to Glory Alliance War in the Heavyweight Division!

This reporter is in awe of Vega's prowess!

In the second fight I find:
Russ "The Wild One" Wilson of the famed TLCS alliance needs to gun down the Soviet Nation's alliance fighter Gary Young in a ruthless show of force to make it into the Championship Round of this tournament in order to get the respect he needs to carry him forth as a legitimate contender in the Heavyweight Division. With that mouth full of verbiage, in short, he needs to win! A win with a sub. or a KO will give this fighter the confidence he needs in the final round of this tournament. Will this PG expert stay with PG, or use a switch to confuse his opponent in this match.

The Soviet Nation's Gary Young will be fighting hard for survival here tonight against TLCS. I'm not sure if he has the tools to come out the winner of this fight but one thing I am sure of is that he has the entire Soviet Nation with him not to mention his fight camp, Team Shakes. Gary has lost his last to fights by an armbar and one of them was by "The Wild One" Wilson the first time they met as this is their second encounter of this tournament. In so much that Young has lost his last two and he now rematches Wilson who has subed him in one, I'm sure Gary Young does have the shakes about this match.

Let's now get it on...

Round One...
The fighters circle each other. Young takes a heavy kick to the arm attempting to block his head. Russ Wilson connects with a series of punches forcing Young into a clinch. Gary Young attempts a takedown from the clinch, but "The Wild One" pulls a switch on him, ultimately leading to both fighters on their feet. Russ fakes a shot and lunges forward pressing Gary Young to a corner. Gary Young swims for underhooks but is taken down in the process. "The Wild One" takes a risk going for a leglock from being caught in Gary's guard. It doesn't pay off as Gary makes his way to standing. Russ Wilson narrowly dodges a cross from Gary Young, but falls catching him in his guard. Russ Wilson sets in an omaplata, forcing Gary Young to roll through, giving Russ Wilson side control. Gary Young takes a few knees to the body while under Wilson's side control. Russ throws his knee into the ribs of Young.

Round Two...

"The Wild One" snaps back the head of Gary with a stiff jab. The fighters circle each other. Russ Wilson is staggered by a jab to the chin. Young keeps Russ Wilson at a distance with some well timed jabs. Wilson snaps back the head of Gary with a stiff jab. Gary wraps around Russ's waist, and drags him to his back, taking side control.

Round Three...

Wilson eats a jab,jab, then a hook from Gary Young. Young narrowly dodges a cross from Russ Wilson, but falls catching him in his guard. Gary Young connects with some unorthodox punches from the bottom position. Gary Young sinks a Kimura, but cannot finish. He settles for a switch into mount. Russ Wilson attempts to escape mount but has no luck. Wilson gives his back up trying to escape the mount. The ref stops the fight as the round comes to an end.

The score cards are collected, the score is tallied and the results are then given to the fight a SPLIT DECISION...IS...Gary YOUNG! YOUNG!

Shakes...maybe so...but the fact of the matter is...Young dug down deep when he needed to and pulled off I what I believe is an upset. Young's alliance must be ecstatic and proud of their heavyweight finalist. Can he pull off one more upset? This reporter doesn't think so, but I didn't think he could pull off this win either.

Reporting from the Road to Glory Alliance Tournament...see you at the finals.


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Mr. Wunderful

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Heavyweight Division...

Going for Glory...Championship Heavyweight Title Round...

With the championship round just a couple of hours away I am not surprise that Vega is a finalist but am somewhat surprised that Young is a finalist. In the MMA Combat Fighting game we all know that anything can happen at any time...and it did. To say that Vega belongs in this championship fight comes as no surprise given the fact that he has won all of his tournament fights. Gary Young himself is 4/2 in this tourney and is capable of pulling out a sub or a SD win. This reporter thought that perhaps "The Wild One" Wilson was going to defeat Young , but not so, placing Young in the finals.

I wish the best to each in this up coming match!

Watch for the post fight report coming the following morning.

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Mr. Wunderful

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I will be giving you guys a tournament wrap up, don't worry! For now I would like to give congratulations to DBA for winning the first Alliance Round Robin Tournament: Going for Glory!!

The final scores are:
DBA: 68 (1st Place!!)
SN: 48 (2nd place)
TLCS: 46 (3rd place)
TTT: 42
BWC: 40
SFL: 10

I would especially like to thank the SFL Alliance for coming to fight with us and we look forward to many more Alliance battles with you!
I would like to send thanks to Warren And Shoddy, Chachi, Pain and GF for giving me help and good advice.

Congrats to DBA!!! The Champions!! Good job fellas.

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congrats DBA

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