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#391890 - 12/30/14 01:24 PM Winter Warfare 2015
ChiefBD Administrator

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Alliance Event to start the year 2015

8 Alliances

Bracket Style Team Format.

Each Alliance will choose fighters for a matchup. A fighter will need to be represented in each weight class from any member of the alliance. Each weight class must be from a different coach. Fights will be legend fights and i will provide the legend tokens.

The fighters chosen will be privately pm'd to me before each match and then i will post the matchups.

There will be 5 matchups per round.

There will be 3 rounds total.

A win will score you one point for your alliance.

A finish will score you a bonus point for your alliance.

If your fighter is finished in a fight he will be out of the competition and can not be used in any future match up.

48 Hours to complete a fight after i have posted the matchup.

If there is a dispute on WHO challenges then the fighter on the RIGHT SIDE in the schedule will send the fight.

7 Alliances


#391891 - 12/30/14 01:25 PM Re: Winter Warfare 2015 [Re: ChiefBD]
ChiefBD Administrator

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Loc: PA

Updates every minute - View full tournament

#391892 - 12/30/14 01:25 PM Re: Winter Warfare 2015 [Re: ChiefBD]
ChiefBD Administrator

Registered: 09/13/10
Posts: 9501
Loc: PA
Winter Warfare Battlefield

1st Round:


Match 1

Danny Reinhold (Uchizaki) vs Lalo "Oso Rojo" Ramirez (Wocker) =
Kenji "The One" Ebisawa (Tok) vs Paul "Rawbone" Jones (Godfather) =
Robbie "The Milk Snake" Perry (Grapple420) vs Ronald Albright (N8G) =
Gage "Creed" Peterson (Crixus) vs Dillon "KO KID" Elkins (Goodkid) =
Atlas "I Shit My Pants" Albright (RoLe) vs Owen Hughes (MFP) =

Match 2

Jeremy Biek (Lundy) vs Hachiro "High" Kikkawa (Godfather) =
Masayuki Okita (Ippo) vs Otto "Wine Burger" Weinberger (MFP) =
Ernest "Tree Hugger" Foster (Role) vs Dalton "Frankenberry" Simmons (Goodkid) =
Buzz "Ester" Butler (Grapple420) vs Suso Vasquez (Wocker) =
Randy Biek (Tok) vs Stewart Bailey (N8G) =

Match 3

Yves White (Tok) vs Rodri "Raging Mexican" Castillo (Wocker) =
Ed "Ass to Mouth" Elkins (Grapple420) vs Christophe "Grizzled Sphinx" Gautier (Goodkid) =
Michio Uesugi (Ippo) vs Vic Rowly (N8G) =
Devon Lange (Role) vs Mills "Chillz" Cote (MFP) =
Serguei Rozhdestvensky (Lundy) vs Heilyn Wild (Godfather) =

Match 4

Masahiko "Cmon Chief" Kamachi (Grapple420) vs Isao Kuno (Godfather) =
Jay "Lightning" Lee (Lundy) vs Adrian Austin (Wocker) =
Ning "The Apostle" Lin (Ippo) vs Bif "Tannen" Perry (Goodkid) =
Will Rowly (Tok) vs Tra "Quad" Jones (N8G) =
Paulo Campos (Role) vs Troy Cherry (MFP) =

Match 5

Michael "End Game" Martin (Grapple420) vs Gregory "The Hotspur" Scott (Goodkid) =
Art Suttikal (Ippo) vs Andreas "Alpha" Peterson (Godfather) =
Hank "The Comeback" Hall (Lundy) vs Cole "Straight Edge" Brown (N8G) = N8G DQ'd (No Show)
Teddy "TED" Roberts (Role) vs Gil "The Anvil" Beaulieu (MFP) =
Isao Miki (Tok) vs Chepito "Choo Choo" Chavez (Wocker) =

1st Round:


Match 1

Ale "Stylish Mexican" Herrera (Black Santa) vs Masahiro "The Final Countdown" Ashia (Punit) =
Nathan "DBA" Cox (Warren) vs Jan "Glenn" Hoffman (Big Show) =
Shui "Ying Tao" Jin (Migrantworkers) vs Yejoon "Shotgun" Bang (ATTboxer) =
Alex "The Anarchist" Anderson (Foul) vs Jeremiah "Lost Man" Robinson (Chubby) =
Nicolas Vargas (Tonester) vs Duane Baker (OEJ) =

Match 2

Cal "Drunken Bum" Lewis (Jarnoh) vs Alvaro Gracie (OEJ) =
Jamal "Drunken Bum" Colon (Black Santa) vs Colt "45 CC Norman" Bates (Bigshow) =
Jackson "Northern Aggressor" Fleming (Migrantworkers) vs Nico "The Phreako" Silva (Chubby) =
Tim "Aauuuuuuueeeehhhhhhh" Allen (Tonester) vs Benny Weber (ATTBoxer) =
Russ "Old" McDonald (FistK vs Alek "The Waco Kid" Alexandrov (Punit) =

Match 3

Jamie "Big Lad" Delaney (Ryzomack) vs Dirk Collins (ATTBoxer) =
Jiro "Gigantor" Shimaoka (Foul) vs Walt Stevens (OEJ) =
Katsuo "The Beachboy" Sugita (Jid) vs Butch "Tim" Allen (Bigshow) =
Kevin "DBA Olympian" George (Migrantworkers) vs Hisao "Bib Fortuna" Inihara (Punit) =
Grande "Decaf Latte" Ribiero (FistK) vs Gustav "The Gangster" Dias (Chubby) =

Match 4

Jan "The Annihilator" Abicht (Foul) vs Derrell "Overachiever" Collins (Bigshow) =
Dave Nash (Tonester) vs Mamoru "Tauntaun" Nakanishi (Punit) =
Morgan "Mean DBAer" McDonald (FistK) vs Yves "The One Good Frenchy" Chauvin (Chubby) =
James "Bubbles" Jodoin (Black Santa) vs Leonide Gorsky (OEJ) =
Gabe Evans (Migrantworkers) vs Ole "The Bandit" Barker (ATTBoxer) =

Match 5

Lance "CM Punk" Jones (Tonester) vs BJ "Knuckles" Lewis (OEJ) =
Christian "Athlon Assraper" Hart (Migrantworkers) vs Buzz "Lightyears" Smith (Chubby) =
JT "Da Beer Addict" LeClerc (Warren) vs Toshi "Mr Cool Ice" Sato (Punit) =
Chuck "Real Deal" Rogers (Foul) vs Parker "Lewis CC Hot" Curry (Bigshow) =
Hans "DBA" Parker (Black Santa) vs Dante "The Dark Horse" Biek (ATTBoxer) =

1st Round:


Match 1

Ryo "Greased Dragon" Amori (BlimBlapZing) vs Cassidy "The Castrator" Bryant (Trite) =
Corey "DO NOT FIGHT" Popham (Saint) vs Michael "So Stoned" Bailey (Caleb) =
Lance "Sideshow Bob" Stewart (JBear) vs Maurice Stevenson (Ro) =
Ony "Oh UEA" Antonov (Olir) vs Dave "1990's Wrestler" Blake (Pepster) =
Gabriel "JaJaJa" Jackson (Wankrupt) vs Rudy "Rudeboy" Young (Nephilim) =

Match 2

Max Butler (Wankrupt) vs Leo "Neo Geo" Jenkins (Pepster) =
Wade "Always Unconscious" Naidoo (Olir) vs Vince Nelson (Robo) =
Raymond "MoD" Bailey (Saint) vs Drew "Waaassuuuuuup" Brown (Harrier) =
Kevin "Sensei John Kreese" Jodoin (JBear) vs Santiago "Aranha" Campos (Trite) =
Pablo "El Diablo" Ramirez (BlimBlapZing) vs Markov "The Soviet Superstar" Petrov (Caleb) =

Match 3

Emel "The Athiest" Lopez (Olir) vs Tra "The Fiction" King (Caleb) =
Buzz "The Warden" Ward (Wankrupt) vs Mark "The Real Deal" Whelan (Matty) =
Shannon "Mr. Miyagi" Hughes (JBear) vs Brett "The Fury" Farmer (Pepster) =
Ryota Suenami (BlimBlapZing) vs Maurice Hughes (Ro) =
Jeremiah "The Pariah" Newton (NattyDaddy) vs Masaki "Bounce House" Kita (Harrier) =

Match 4

Scott Reinhold (Saint) vs Bo "The Belt Collector" Carter (Matty) =
Dick "Chun Li" Hayden (JBear) vs Andy "Kunios Protege" Anderson (Pepster) =
Clyde Carter (Wankrupt) vs Nao "Nightfall" Nakao (Trite) =
Scott Moray (NattyDaddy) vs Bruce "Boom Stick" Young (Harrier) =
Trey "The Abortionist" McConomy (Olir) vs Tancredo "Mr Perfect" Mereu (DrinkDrankCrunk) =

Match 5

Ray "The Boss" Ross (NattyDaddy) vs Randall "Macho Man" Stevenson (Harrier) =
Geraldo "The Bully" Marcos (BlimBlapZing) vs Fumio "Tiger Blood" Sugimura (Russianthai) =
Guto "American Odio" Ribiero (Georgexv) vs Clyde "The Jidmeister" Martin (Matty) =
Connor "Mr Burns" Wilson (Wankrupt) vs Daisuke Tadeshi (Trite) =
Adam "95 Pebbles" Smith (JBear) vs Bruno "Brazilian Wax" Artigas (Pepster) =

#391893 - 12/30/14 01:33 PM Re: Winter Warfare 2015 [Re: ChiefBD]
ChiefBD Administrator

Registered: 09/13/10
Posts: 9501
Loc: PA
Semi Finals:


Match 1

Dustin LaChance (Robo) vs Mills Baker (Ehrod) =
Fumio "Tiger Blood" Sugimura (RussianThai) vs Dirk "The Blood Dragon" Feldman (Tommo) =
Brett "The Fury" Farmer (Pepster) vs Dexter Griffin (Teshore) =
Santiago "Aranha" Campos (Trite) vs Hiroyuki "Lost my hiddens" Kuwabara (Spidey) =
Markov "The Soviet Superstar" Petrov (Caleb) vs Ramon "El Diablo" Moreno (Phreak) =

Match 2

Cassidy "The Castrator" Bryant (Trite) vs James Williams (Tommo) =
Torben "Have Faith" Tavares (Harrier) vs Branden Collins (Ehrod) =
Clyde "The Jidmeister" Martin (Matty) vs Tosya Semyonov (Phreak) =
Dave "1990's Wrestler" Blake (Pepster) vs Mitch "Techno Warrior" Hart (Teshore) =
Eric "The Killer" Carter (Robo) vs Reggie Campbell (Spidey) =

Match 3

Leo "Neo Geo" Jenkins (Pepster) vs Phil Stevenson (Ehrod) =
Mark "The Real Deal" Whelan (Matty) vs Richard "Cookie Monster" Renaud (Teshore) =
Elix "Matrix" McDonald (Robo) vs Vincent "Red Dragon" Martin (Spidey) =
Daisuke Tadeshi (Trite) vs Yasha Voskresensky (Phreak) =
Masaki "Bounce House" Kita (Harrier) vs Juro "The Tank" Taka (Tommo) =

Match 4

Bo "The Belt Collector" Carter (Matty) vs Vic "The Greaser" Reed (Tommo) =
Vince Nelson (Robo) vs Walter "He Hate Me" Bailey (Phreak) =
Buster "Wraith" Green (Pepster) vs Kurt "Mad Man" Stevenson (Ehrod) =
Bruce "Boom Stick" Young (Harrier) vs Gabriel "Arrogant Assassin" Cobb (Spidey) = TC DQ'd for Wrong Weightclass
Antonio Guerra (Trite) vs Alan "The Bad Boy" Lewis (Teshore) =

Match 5

Tra "The Fiction" King (Caleb) vs Masato "MK12" Sanada (Phreak) =
Andy "Kunios Protege" Anderson (Pepster) vs Trey "GC" Bryant (Spidey) =
Nao "Nightfall" Nakao (Trite) vs Mitch "King Slayer" Hayes (Tommo) =
Kenny "Son of Beatdown" Hayden (Harrier) vs Bruce "Big Shot" Bedard (Ehrod) =
Noah "The Steel Curtain" Sinason (Robo) vs Jay Moore (Teshore) =

Semi Finals:


Match 1

Yves White (Tok) vs Greg "DBA" Hall (Black Santa) =
Jay "Lightning" Lee (Lundy) vs Dave Nash (Tonester) =
Robbie "The Milk Snake" Perry (Grapple420) vs Thiago "Intoxicated DBA" Civita (Jarnoh) =
Masayuki Okita (Ippo) vs Kevin "DBA Olympian" George (Migrantworkers) = UC DQ'd for Wrong Weightclass
Atlas "I Shit My Pants" Albright (Role) vs Grande "Decaf Latte" Ribiero (FistK) =

Match 2

Danny Reinhold (Lundy) vs Dallas "Hitman" Watson (BFC) =
Ed "Ass to Mouth" Elkins (Grapple420) vs Jamal "Drunken Bum" Colon (Black Santa) =
Michio Uesugi (Ippo) vs Morgan "Mean DBAer" McDonald (FistK) =
Devon Lange (Role) vs Alex "The Anarchist" Anderson (Foul) =
Randy Biek (Tok) vs Gabe Evans (Migrantworkers) =

Match 3

Masahiko "Cmon Chief" Kamachi (Grapple420) vs Lance "CM Punk" Jones (Tonester) =
Kenji "The One" Ebisawa (Tok) vs Jiro "Gigantor" Shimaoka (Foul) =
Ning "The Apostle" Lin (Ippo) vs JT "Da Beer Addict" Leclerc (Warren) =
Frye Spencer (Lundy) vs Jack "Thray Hunderd" Hogan (Migrantworkers) =
Paulo Campos (Role) vs Hans "DBA" Parker (Black Santa) =

Match 4

Guo Xia (Ippo) vs Jan "The Annihilator" Abicht (Foul) =
Ranieri "Ring Around" Arosio (Grapple420) vs Christian "Athlon Assraper" Hart (Migrantworkers) =
Hank "The Comeback" Hall (Lundy) vs Katsuo "The Beachboy" Sugita (Jid) =
Will Rowly (Tok) vs Otto "Rocket" Hall (Tonester) =
Leon Gosselin (Role) vs Russ "Old" McDonald (FistK) =

Match 5

Nathan "The Water Dancer" Hart (Grapple420) vs Ale "Stylish Mexican" Herrera (Black Santa) =
Duke Jach (Ippo) vs Lee "The Bee" Coleman (Foul) =
Ernest "Tree Hugger" Foster (Role) vs Shui "Ying Tao" Jin (Migrantworkers) =
Kichiro "Too Much Heart" Sen (Tok) vs William "GI Joe" Jodoin (FistK) =
Serguei Rozhdestvensky (Lundy) vs Nicolas Vargas (Tonester) =



Match 1

James Williams (Teshore) vs Lance "CM Punk" Jones (Tonester) =
Branden Collins (Ehrod) vs Lee "The Bee" Coleman (Foul) =
Tosya Semyonov (Phreak) vs Jackson "Northern Aggressor" Fleming (Migrantworkers) =
Mitch "Techno Warrior" Hart (Tommo) vs James "Bubbles" Jodoin (Black Santa) =
Reggie Campbell (Spidey) vs Grande "Decaf Latte" Ribiero (FistK) =

Match 2

Mills Baker (Ehrod) vs Tyson "The Iron Spider" Anderson (Tonester) =
Dirk "The Blood Dragon" Feldman (Tommo) vs George "Sexecutioner" Edwards (Black Santa) =
Mitch "King Slayer" Hayes (Spidey) vs Morgan "Mean DBAer" McDonald (FistK) =
Pavlo Panin (Phreak) vs Alex "The Anarchist" Anderson (Foul) =
Alan "The Bad Boy" Lewis (Teshore) vs Gabe Evans (Migrantworkers) =

Match 3

Kuro Sugitani (Phreak) vs Nico Cervantes (Foul) =
Richard "Cookie Monster" Renaud (Teshore) vs Christian "Athlon Assraper" Hart (Migrantworkers) =
Lance "The Trisexual" Powell (Spidey) vs JT "Da Beer Addict" LeClerc (Warren) =
Bruce "Big Shot" Bedard (Ehrod) vs Arie Daalman (Jarnoh) = DBA DQ'd
Juro "The Tank" Taka (Fedor McGeeno) vs Hans "DBA" Parker (Black Santa) =

Match 4

Vic "The Greaser" Reed (Fedor McGeeno) vs Noah Duffy (Ryzomack) =
Trey "GC" Bryant (Spidey) vs Dave Nash (Tonester) =
Louie Ryan (Phreak) vs Jamal "Liger" Armstrong (Big T) =
Remedios Gutierrez (Teshore) vs Red Lynch (BFC) =
Ian Kelly (Ehrod) vs Barry "Little Mac" McCarthy (Black Santa) =

Match 5

Masato "MK12" Kanada (Phreak) vs Cisco Solis (Foul) =
Dave "Pipe Bomb" Ward (Spidey) vs Danny Young (Warren) =
Lucas Phillips (Fedor McGeeno) vs Katsuo "The Beachboy" Sugita (Jid) =
Randy "Aids Machine" Davis (Teshore) vs Remedios "MUF 1 Champion" Valdez (Migrantworkers) =
Cameron "Private" Ryan (Ehrod) vs Manuelito "Long Live Warren" Sanchez (Black Santa) =

3rd Place Final:


Match 1

Leo "Neo Geo" Jenkins (Pepster) vs Yves White (Tok) =
Mark "Real Deal" Whelan (Matty) vs Bill "Titty Checker" Hart (Role) =
Elix "Matrix" McDonald (Robo) vs Robbie "Milk Snake" Perry (Grapple420) = UC DQ'd
Santiago "Aranha" Campos (Trite) vs Frye Spencer (Lundy) =
Masaki "Bounce House" Kita (Harrier) vs Ko "The Anchor" Heo (Ippo) =

Match 2

Dustin Lachance (Robo) vs Masahiko "Cmon Chief" Kamachi (Grapple420) = UC DQ'd
Fumio "Tiger Blood" Sugimura (RussianThai) vs Duke Jach (Ippo) =
Brett "The Fury" Farmer (Pepster) vs Hank "The Comeback" Hall (Lundy) =
Leon Gray (Trite) vs Will Rowly (Tok) =
Markov "Soviet Superstar" Petrov (Caleb) vs Leon Gosselin (Role) =

Match 3

Harold "Cuntsmasher" Coleman (Pepster) vs Vincent "Depressed" Hart (Lundy) = UC DQ
Vince Nelson (Robo) vs Ranieri "Ring Around" Arosio (Grapple420) = UC DQ'd
Edwin Couture (Elbow) vs Michio Uesugi (Ippo) =
Bruce "Boom Stick" Young (Harrier) vs Kichiro "Too much Heart" Sen (Tok) =
Antonio Guerra (Trite) vs Atlas "I Shit My Pants" Albright (Role) =

Match 4

Tra "The Fiction" King (Caleb) vs Otto "Bonn" Russell (Grapple420)
Andy "Kunios Protege" Anderson (Pepster) vs Kenji "The One" Ebisawa (Tok) =
Rudy "Pappy Mason" Peterson (Trite) vs Ning "The Apostle" Lin (Ippo) =
Maurice Hughes (Ro) vs Devon Lange (Role) =
Brent "Dave" Patterson (Harrier) vs Juro Komatsu (Lundy)

Match 5

HW vs HW
MW vs MW
WW vs WW
LW vs LW


Gage "Creed" Patterson - Crixus

Owen Hughes - MFP

Maurice Stevenson - Ro

Rudy "Rudeboy" Young - Nephilim

Lalo "Oso" Rojo" Ramirez - Wocker

Yejoon "Shotgun" Bang - ATTBoxer

Corey "DO NOT FIGHT" Popham - Saint

Ryo "Greased Dragon" Amori - BlimBlapZing

Jeremiah "Lost Man" Robinson - Chubby

Ronald Albright - N8G

Nathan "DBA" Cox - Warren

Cal "Drunken Bum" Lewis - Jarnoh

Wade "Always Unconscious" Naidoo - Olir

Jeremy Biek - Lundy

Drew "Waaassssuuuuup" Brown - Harrier

Pablo "El Diablo" Ramirez - BlimBlapZing

Mills "Chillz" Cote - MFP

Christophe "Grizzled Sphinx" Gautier - Goodkid

Adrian Austin - Wocker

Bif "Tannen" Perry - Goodkid

Ole "The Bandit" Barker - ATTBoxer

Derrell "Overachiever" Collins - Bigshow

Leonide Gorsky - OEJ

Tra "Quad" Jones - N8G

Tancredo "Mr Perfect" Mereu - DrinkDrankCrunk

Scott Moray - NattyDaddy

Scott Reinhold - Saint

Bruno "Brazilian Wax" Artigas - Pepster

Chepito "Choo Choo" Chavez - Wocker

Toshi "Mr Cool Ice" Sato - Punit

Guto "American Idio" Ribiero - George

Cole "Straight Edge" Brown - N8G

Jay "Lightning" Lee - Lundy

Thiago "Intoxicated DBA" Civita - Jarnoh

Masayuki Okita - Ippo

Dexter Griffin - Teshore

Hiroyuki "Lost my hiddens" Kuwabara - Spidey

Torben "Have Faith" Tavares - Harrier

Cassidy "The Castrator" Bryant - Trite

Clyde "The Jidmeister" Martin - Matty

Eric "The Killer" Carter - Robo

Phil Stevenson - Ehrod

Daisuke Tadeshi - Trite

Bo "The Belt Collector" Carter - Matty

Gabriel "Arrogant Assassin" Cobb - Spidey

Danny Reinhold - Lundy

Paulo Campos - Role

Russ "Old" McDonald - FistK

#391896 - 12/30/14 01:44 PM Re: Winter Warfare 2015 [Re: ChiefBD]
ChiefBD Administrator

Registered: 09/13/10
Posts: 9501
Loc: PA

1st Round

27 UC vs TLCS 9

14 SFL vs THC 21

20 DBA vs CC 12

Semi Finals

15 THC vs TC 21

9 UC vs DBA 23


7 DBA vs TC 31

3rd Place

18 THC vs UC 6

#391903 - 12/30/14 01:58 PM Re: Winter Warfare 2015 [Re: ChiefBD]
ChiefBD Administrator

Registered: 09/13/10
Posts: 9501
Loc: PA
I should also add that each round will have 5 DIFFERENT MATCHUPS!

So this means that once you use a fighter you CAN NOT use him again for that round!

A single coach can have 5 different fighters rep'd in a matchup.

If your alliance wins the round you can then use your fighters again in the next round.

#391907 - 12/30/14 02:22 PM Re: Winter Warfare 2015 [Re: ChiefBD]
ChiefBD Administrator

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Posts: 9501
Loc: PA
Changing the format to ALL FIGHTERS. No ID Cutoffs.

ANY fighter from the beginning of the game can be used.

#391910 - 12/30/14 02:36 PM Re: Winter Warfare 2015 [Re: ChiefBD]

Registered: 02/28/10
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Loc: Ohio
Cool shit

#391911 - 12/30/14 02:41 PM Re: Winter Warfare 2015 [Re: Spidey]

Registered: 12/23/11
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Loc: FreeLancer
sounds good just need an alliance :P

Team Ro

#391914 - 12/30/14 02:47 PM Re: Winter Warfare 2015 [Re: Ro]
ChiefBD Administrator

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Posts: 9501
Loc: PA
Originally Posted By: Rohails22
sounds good just need an alliance :P

You guys have plenty


Just need 5 coaches really

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