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#277105 - 05/27/11 09:13 AM Bounty Hunters II, Beginning 6/6/11 (Sign Up Here)
Beast Mode

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Bounty Hunters II

(Credit to grapple for finding the link to the first Bounty Hunters:

A unique competition that debuted last year, Bounty Hunters is returning on Monday, June 6th.

The original Bounty Hunters was an eight-week competition that required players to accumulate points by executing bounties; in other words, players would earn points by winning in a number of different, often bizarre ways. Here are some examples of possible bounties:

* Seek out opponents with particular appearance traits--an afro, an Art Jimmerson glove, a Brock Lesnar sword tattoo--and defeat them.

* Defeat opponents of a particular nationality.

* Win in a particular way, whether by first-round finish or split decision.

* Beat any undefeated fighter (with at least 1 victory) or any fighter with 50+ losses.

* Move up in weight to defeat an opponent.

In addition to these one-point regular bounties, Bounty Hunters also offered ten-point special bounties: these bounties were much more difficult and required more work on the player's behalf. Some examples:

* Defeat a fighter with the same first and last name as a current NBA player.

* Defeat the fighter ranked #666.

* Defeat a fighter after losing to him in three consecutive previous fights.

Both regular and special bounties would change weekly; on Monday of each week, players would receive their regular and special bounty, and would try to get as many points as possible (both are repeatable) before Saturday's PM session ends.

On Sunday, there would be no points given for fights; players would instead have to PM me links to their successful bounties over the week, and I would tally up the points before posting a new regular and special bounty for the upcoming Monday.

On select weeks, player bounties would take the place of regular and special bounties. Player bounties were simple: each player would be PM'd the name of the camp of another player, and they would be charged with defeating that player as many times as possible. For every victory, they would add points to their total and subtract points from their opponent. This would help level the playing field.

The Bounty Hunters leaderboard would be updated weekly, until a winner--Decommissioner--was crowned.

That was Bounty Hunters I.

Bounty Hunters II will be, in many ways, similar. We will retain the eight-week schedule, going from June 6th until July 31st.

We will retain the regular, special, and player bounties (though Bounty Hunters II will feature all-new bounties).

But there's one caveat: even though Bounty Hunters II will crown a single winner, the majority of the tournament will be team-based. Players will join or be assigned to one of four teams, named after four of the greatest fighters in MMArmy history:

Team Skip Lange
Team Cookie Monster
Team Waaassuuuuuup
Team Pito Cruz

Players will play individually, but the points they earn will initially be factored into team averages.

On 6/6/11, we begin with four teams. After two weeks, the team with the lowest average score will be eliminated from the competition. The same thing will happen at the one-month and six-week marks, until we have only one team remaining. Then, the players on the winning team will battle it out in the final two weeks to crown an individual winner.

Sign-ups will begin immediately; to sign up, give the following information below:

Your forum name.
Your team preference (if applicable).
Your camp (limit one per player).


1. grapple420 - Sticky Green MMA
2. Hatchet - hardknocks mma
3. Foul - Dation of Gonganation
4. B33RM0N5T3R - Welsh Warriors
5. VostreRoy - eXtreme Troll Fighting
6. Jid - Robin Hood Raiders
7. Black-Santa - Team Ochocinco


1. ARC Fenix - Camp Ultra Fenix
2. Phil Davis - Paul Orndorffs MMA Death Camp
3. teshore - No Surrender
4. wh3r3ami - Joseph Fighting Systems
5. Illiterati - Chute Boxe Vale Tudo Acad
6. juggy4711 - Fight Grail MMA
7. drinkdrankcrunk - Disgracedies


1. Wankrupt - Brawl N Ground N Pound
2. harrier - Raised By Wolves
3. Darksied - CanadianV1
4. ChiefBD - Judoku USA
5. Train2K - Headhunters, Inc.
6. Classy Caleb Archer - Team Shakes
7. Budgellism3 - Team Vegas


1. thejudochamp - judoka
2. ChaosCommando - average joes gym
3. JordanKoscheck - ChandlerWrestling
4. Hector - Team Mexico 68
5. Big Ace - groundhogs
6. Robj23 - Team Smash
7. DYTI - finger feelers

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#277106 - 05/27/11 09:13 AM Re: Bounty Hunters II, Beginning 6/6/11 (Sign Up Here) [Re: Beast Mode]
Beast Mode

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Final Team Rankings:
Champion: Team Pito Cruz: 972 points

Final Individual Rankings
Champion: ChaosCommando: 489 points
Runner-Up: grapple420: 397 points
Third Place: thejudochamp: 257 points


4. ARC Fenix: 187 points
5. Wankrupt: 185 points
The Best Ten:
6. Budgellism3: 166 points
7. Darksied: 167 points
8. DYTI: 129 points
9. Foul: 121 points
10. JordanKoscheck: 112 points
The Rest:
11. drinkdrankcrunk: 95 points
12. Wun: 63 points
13. Train2K: 59 points
14. illiterati: 48 points
15. harrier: 42 points
16. VostreRoy: 24 points
17. Prince Hector: 23 points
17. Classy Caleb Archer: 23 points
19. The RobJ23: 22
20. ChiefBD: 18 points
21. teshore: 15 points
22. B33RM0N5T3R: 10 points
22. Hatchet: 10 points
24. Jid: 6 points
25. juggy4711: 1 point
25. Black-Santa: 1 point
27. Big Ace: 0 points
28. wh3r3ami: -3 points (lulz)

Bounty Hunters II finished with the top three holding steady. A truce between ChaosCommando and grapple420 left these two occupying the #1 and #2 spots. Wankrupt and judochamp fought each other to the bitter end, but judo's 17-16 edge in head-to-head competition secured him enough of a lead to bump Wankrupt down to the #5 spot. judo held firm with a bronze medal, and ARC Fenix, who started so strongly, finished fourth.

Overall, this was an exceptional season. If anyone has ideas about how to make improvements--or would like to try their hand at running it--feel free to contact me. Thanks to all the participants for making this a great season! I can promise that Bounty Hunters will return again someday, whether on MMArmy or on MKick's new game.

- Beast Mode

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#277107 - 05/27/11 09:13 AM Re: Bounty Hunters II, Beginning 6/6/11 (Sign Up Here) [Re: Beast Mode]
Beast Mode

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Loc: Parts Unknown
Bounty hunters, I have a proposition for you:

Week one has come and gone, and already we've had some surprises. A well-rounded team effort has put Team Pito Cruz in the lead, but Team Wasup, coming off a dominating performance by individual leader Wankrupt, is hot on their heels. Team Cookie Monster hung around with a solid showing, but Team Skip Lange has some ground to make up after a so-so week.

Needless to say, this was the best week in Bounty Hunters history. But there remain seven weeks for a winner to be crowned.

This week's an elimination week, which means the team with the lowest combined score will be exiting the competition. Right now, Team Skip Lange must reverse course and rally to stave off elimination. Do they have what it takes to come together as a team?

As veterans of the game know, weekly bounties are often themed with contemporary pop-culture events. This past weekend offered to viewers two sporting spectacles of particular importance, and spectators were given the opportunity to revel in the misery of the losers on both occasions.

On Sunday, Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks defeated the Threetles of LeBron, D-Wade, and Chris Bosh. Miami's big three went out unceremoniously, with Bosh even collapsing in tears while walking to the locker room. Dirk, perhaps the greatest international player in NBA history, notched his first championship.

As an ode to the newly christened German-born NBA champion, your single-point bounty will be to defeat as many German MMArmy fighters as possible. If this seems like a strange way to pay homage, then maybe it is. But it's much fairer to ask you to DEFEAT German fighters than to win fights WITH German fighters, so I've chosen this course of action with this fact in mind.

On Saturday, UFC 131 featured three heavyweight attractions; disproving the maxim that "size matters," the three smaller heavyweights, whose opponents outweighed them by roughly a combined 70 lbs., all were victorious. Joey Beltran, Dave Herman, and Junior dos Santos all weighed below 250 lbs. and all defeated opponents who weighed ABOVE 250 lbs.

For your special bounty, you're going to have to imitate these diminutive heavyweights by overcoming a size disadvantage.

No, it won't be ten pounds.

Twenty pounds? That's not enough, either.

To get this week's special bounty, you need to defeat an opponent who owns at least a 30-lb. weight advantage over you. Do this and you'll get a cool ten points.

To review, here are this week's bounties:

(Defeat German Opponents): One Point

Size (Doesn't) Matter
(Defeat Opponents With a 30+ lb. Weight Advantage): Ten Points

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#277108 - 05/27/11 09:13 AM Re: Bounty Hunters II, Beginning 6/6/11 (Sign Up Here) [Re: Beast Mode]
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Bounty hunters, I have a proposition for you,

Whew! Week two was easily the highest scoring week in Bounty Hunters history; does this mean the bounties have been too easy? Perhaps. I thought it a Herculean feat to defeat opponents 30+ lbs. heavier with any regularity, but some of you made it seem a cinch. Color me impressed.

I’m not in the business of just handing out points, however, and with next week’s assassination bounties on the horizon, I’ve two bounties for you that, I hope, will prove more difficult. The first will test the extent of your loyalty to the game; the other won’t involve any hunting on your part and will instead require some luck.

Last week, I noticed that our regular bounties were shunned in favor of the infinitely more attractive ten-point special bounties. Well, this week, regular bounties should be easier to come by.

However, there’s a price.

This week, a little fighter defacing is in order. Everyone knows the best fighters in MMArmy usually adorn a bevy of tattoos. They’re fawned over by their owners, who seek to create the ultimate personification of MMA badassery. These owners care so much about their fighters’ physical appearance, and I’m wondering which among them are willing to sacrifice that for an edge in this competition.

As Josh Barnett said on Saturday whilst channeling his best Dusty Rhodes impersonation, these are hard times, and hard times force us to do things we wouldn’t normally do. Take that axiom to heart as I ask you to make a very difficult decision:

Players will receive one bounty point for every victory won by a fighter wearing only a.) a light-pink sword/knife tattoo and b.) a pair of Leopard spot light purple/white short tights. If you want to know what this looks like, look no further:
So, how many fighters are you filling to deface for some points? The shorts can come off, but the tattoo will be there for life. Is it worth decorating your EFC stud with a light-pink knife tattoo for the chance at a few measly Bounty Hunters points? I’ll leave that (very difficult) decision up to all of you.

(NOTE: There is a non-premium version of this costume, and it can be found at:

It consists of a light-pink singlet, gloves, shoes, and long knee covers. The one caveat will be that since you can't buy any tattoos, in order to keep your points, these clothes will have to stay on your fighters for the remainder of the competition. You will lose your regular bounty points from this week if you switch prematurely!)

Now, for this week’s special bounty. As promised, this week’s ten-point bounty is totally out of your hands. If your camp is stocked with fighters with finishing power, you might have an advantage; otherwise, you’re going to have to get lucky.
This week, you need to finish fights, and you need to finish them within the first round. Not just that, but you need to finish them within the first four sentences of the fight log. Do this, and you’ll earn a cool ten points.

Why four sentences? Because it’s not entirely impossible—fights have ended quicker—but it’s still pretty rare.
To recap, here are this week’s bounties:

Pretty in Pink
(Deface your fighters with a sword tattoo and pink leopard spot tights, then win): One Point

Flash Finish
(Finish opponents within four sentences): Ten Points

Best of luck.

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#277109 - 05/27/11 09:13 AM Re: Bounty Hunters II, Beginning 6/6/11 (Sign Up Here) [Re: Beast Mode]
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A copy of the PM you'll all be getting:

Bounty hunter, I have a proposition for you:

As you are well aware, this week is an assassination bounty week. Your mission? Assassinate _____'s fighters by defeating them. For every victory you earn against ____'s camp, you'll earn points on a sliding scale:

For your first victory, you'll earn one point.

For your second, you'll earn two points.

For your third, three.

And so on, and so forth, until you reach a points cap of ten points. Remember, every point you gain is a point deducted from your opponent's score, which will also affect your opponent's team score. Yes, your opponents can go into negative points.

To give you some incentive to fight the other camps in the game, I'll offer you a one-point bounty for every camp in Bounty Hunters you defeat, even if they're on your team. These will be regular bounties and won't cause your opponents to lose points, but they will at least make it tempting to fight your rival camps.

Good luck to you. Your strategy is your own. This may be the week you choose to sit out and hold onto your lead, or fight only teammates to play it conservatively. We'll see if the inactive player on your team gets the memo; if not, he might inadvertently cost your squad hundreds of points. There are many ways in which to play this week--here's hoping you make the right decisions.

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#277110 - 05/27/11 09:13 AM Re: Bounty Hunters II, Beginning 6/6/11 (Sign Up Here) [Re: Beast Mode]
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Bounty hunters, I have a proposition for you,

As we venture into the second half of our competition, we once again return to the regular- and special-bounty format. With the field now narrowed considerably, we're entering the home stretch. And once again, this week has a theme.

That theme, my bounty-hunting brethren, is America, the land of opportunity, fantastic bantamweight-headlined UFC cards, Nathan's hotdog eating contests, and disheartening not-guilty verdicts. OK, that last one doesn't quite fit, but it's my job to remain topical, and I can only work with what the news gives me.

More specifically, this week's theme's the Fourth of July. No, I won't have you engaged in any traditional July 4th rituals: no parade-watching, fireworks-exploding, hot-dog-inhaling madness will occur here. For this week, you'll be tasked with gunning for fighters who come from American camps. That's right: every victory against a fighter from an American camp nets you a cool point. Sounds easy, doesn't it?

Well, in addition to this regular bounty, you've also got a super-special bounty to take advantage of. For your special bounty, you'll be asked to pummel into unconsciousness or submission those pugilists born in July. For every July-born fighter you submit, KO, or TKO, you'll receive a whopping ten points!

You've come this far; don't let up now. These bounties, though not exactly easy, are certainly attainable. For those of you who have been waiting to make your move, perhaps now's your opportunity.

To recap, here are this week’s bounties:

Red, White, and Bruised
(Defeat fighters from an American camp): One Point

Born on the Fourth of July
(Finish opponents that were born on July of any game year): Ten Points

Best of luck.

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#277111 - 05/27/11 09:13 AM Re: Bounty Hunters II, Beginning 6/6/11 (Sign Up Here) [Re: Beast Mode]
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Bounty hunters, I have a proposition for you,

We enter week six of our competition, and it's time to eliminate the final team from the standings. My apologies for being so reluctant to update the standings for Bounty Hunters; I was busy last week totaling elite (again) and improving my national ranking in powerlifting. Oh well. C'est vie.

Anyway, you probably all want to know what you're doing this week. In the past, I've forced you to do humiliating and degrading things. I've defaced your fighters on one occasion, and it's tempting to do it again. I've also devised several ways in which to make MMArmy more difficult for you. I've probably cost some of you plenty of fights over these last five weeks.

This week will be special. I've run through a lot of ideas in my head, and it seems to me that YOU should have the opportunity to take control of this game. I've made you jump through plenty of hoops. Now, it's time for you to create your own hoops.

The premise for this week is simple: you'll have the opportunity to target your opponents. Let me explain how this works: you'll have the opportunity to gain one point for every fight you win...IF your fighter is nicknamed after one of the players in our competition. And you won't simply earn one point; you'll also take one point away from that player.

Do it with MMArtist, and I'll give you a cool ten points. Yes, this will occur at the expense of your nicknamed player, meaning they'll lose ten points in the process.

Clearly, there are innumerable strategic options. Do you target the leader and gamble with MMArtist fights for all your fighters? Do you target a number of the top players and go for more conservative victories, chipping away at their totals? Do you align yourself with other players in the game and set your sights on an individual (or team)? These are all important questions to consider.

Expect for this week to be cutthroat. Because you lost some time, I'll also count wins from Monday, provided you make your nicknames now.

To recap, here are this week’s bounties:

Imitation: the Worst Form of Flattery
(Win fights with a fighter nicknamed after one of the players in Bounty Hunters): One Point, and a one-point deduction for that player

...And with MMArtist, its Ten Times' as Bad
(The same as the regular bounty, but with MMArtist as your primary style): Ten Points

Best of luck.

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#277112 - 05/27/11 09:14 AM Re: Bounty Hunters II, Beginning 6/6/11 (Sign Up Here) [Re: Beast Mode]
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Bounty hunters, I have a proposition for you:

This week, you all play the role of philanthropists. Last week, you were asked to take; this week, you're being tasked with "giving back" in the purest sense.

Some of you have already heard me say that the success of others this week will be your own success. In a sense, that's the case. You won't be doing any winning yourselves this time around. Instead, you'll enlist the help of others to do it for you.

Here's your assignment for the week:

Though MKick has announced the sequel to MMArmy, our little game's still up and running. The forum has been busy lately, populated by newcomers, but it could stand to be busier. So, for this week, you'll be required to recruit existing players to come to the forum. For every player you introduce to the forum AND get to send me a PM stating you referred them, you'll get one point for every win their camp earns for the week.

Sounds good, doesn't it? That's this week's regular bounty. The special bounty, though difficult isn't too much more difficult.

For this week's special bounty, you'll be asked to recruit new players to MMArmy. Now, you get these neophytes to give me some sort of indication that you referred them and I'll give you a cool ten points per camp (yes, camp). I expect activity though, so 0-0 camps need not apply. Let's say 10 fights qualifies as active enough for the week.

Please, don't make a bazillion camps of your own and pass them off as new guys. I won't be able to tell the difference, but it'd be a shitty way to earn a few measly points. You've gone six weeks playing within the rules; don't cheat now.

To review, here are this week's bounties:

Giving Back
(Recruit Players to the Forum): One Point (Per Their Camp(s) Victories)

(Recruit Players to MMArmy): Ten Points (Per Camp)

Best of luck.

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#277113 - 05/27/11 09:14 AM Re: Bounty Hunters II, Beginning 6/6/11 (Sign Up Here) [Re: Beast Mode]
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Reserved, week eight.

#277115 - 05/27/11 09:18 AM Re: Bounty Hunters II, Beginning 6/6/11 (Sign Up Here) [Re: Beast Mode]

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Sounds cool as hell.

Dont give a fuuuuuuuuuuuck
Sticky Green MMA

Also here is the link to the old one.

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