Shang High Fighting

Last Online - Sunday 3rd of July 2022
Display Name SHfight
Member Since Mar 28, 2008
Active Record 387-290
Overall Record 11664-9540


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Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
5-21-2022 4:37 pm EST
You know how to check weight without fighting? There is a tip on the side menu. I saw your note on a fighter. Its 100 percent accurate.
4-13-2022 9:11 am EST
Anytime bro
7-16-2018 8:09 am EST
Thanks for the shoot champ Good fight , will do it again in the future Dick Macleod
Red Devil FC
6-8-2018 4:46 pm EST
Looks like it, go easy on me lol
Chits Crew
5-9-2018 8:15 am EST
my bad, I didn't realize that.
Chits Crew
5-5-2018 12:56 pm EST
Wanted to know if you wanted to join our alliance
Chits Crew
5-3-2018 10:05 am EST
hey fight, are you on the forums?
7-14-2017 4:56 pm EST
99% of the forum(hardcore players) would agree with my decision. If you would have had a win close to Blims I would have just went with you three. He had a win against the #53 guy and your wins were against #300 some, #500 some, #1400 some plus 2 straight missed resets. I get everyone cant be one every reset but if I miss a reset I don't expect to receive a title shot next reset.
7-14-2017 8:35 am EST
You missed the previous two resets. I only give to a guy who fought the previous reset to keep activity high. I even thought about still giving it to you since you had 3 wins vs. Blims 1, but your wins were not very good. So the combo stopped me.
7-2-2017 1:07 am EST
Glad to see you back!
9-2-2016 1:15 pm EST
Nice camp, are you on the forum ?
gate master
push off me
11-4-2012 4:41 am EST
I See U (-____-)
Mister Judo
9-14-2012 9:22 am EST
new tourny! (mod league season 3) be sure to sign up! its a lot of fun!
11-5-2010 6:12 am EST
Can You Check Out The Forums, See If You Can Participate In Any Of The RB Tournaments. Cheers Pal!
5-14-2010 5:01 pm EST
Got me 2 out of 3 tonight... Congrats
4-3-2010 12:27 pm EST
OK Im Kinda Scared Now, So I Back Down, Its Between U And Belly, Sorry To Be A Burden To You. Lots Of Love Mr Muscle xxx
4-3-2010 4:45 am EST
Shang High Must Die! Haha Im A Poet And I Didnt Know It! Man Im Cool, Me And Belly Are Gonna Go To Town On Your Ass!
Ricky Suarez
Fire Kingdom
3-18-2010 6:29 am EST
You fought the fucking guys that were on losing streaks. It would be different if you were arguing something that wasn't in black and white, obviously anyone can look at your fighters record and see yet you deny it? That's beyond retarded, seeing as how it's so easily proven. You're a fucking ducking piece of shit and I've no idea why you ducked my sucky ass guy but YOU DID and you chose to fight guys you'd already beaten with your bummed out a-1 titled pixel hero.
3-17-2010 5:40 am EST
actually if you come around the forums you will find that most guys are pretty cool....come on in , the waters fine
3-16-2010 8:30 am EST
to be honest i am in an alliance with the guy who runs fire kingdom...i see his point and i see yours...whether or not you ever want to be a part of the forums isnt important at all (lots of good info and tournaments though)...but the titles in the upper 10 orgs usually end up going through a lot of the top camps and you dont want to ultimately get shut out of that picture...again, no offense
3-15-2010 8:17 pm EST
cool...i wish that the game had some type of built in mechanism to figure out matchups...but it ultimately comes down to the inmates policing themselves around here...but i still am unsure who is policing those who claim to be policing things....anyhow, peace
3-15-2010 11:23 am EST
i dont know who or why you fought as you did and dont really care...i am simply saying that any belt defense should really invlolve looking at (a) who lost in their last fight getting no look (b) comparing streaks and usually in the organization....i have some different opinions on things myself but as an overall "rule", just always try and pick the best guy to fight based on their merits and not based on what is the better fight for you...which i am not implying that you did
3-15-2010 7:28 am EST
i had no affiliation in your belt defense...you were however, a big topic of discussion on the forums the other day and then again this morning...all i am saying is that you should check out the fair play guidelines before you get frozen out of things by some vets....meant no real disrespect, this is just a game
Mike Rock Harpell
Canadian Top Team Camp
3-7-2010 5:36 pm EST
It sure is!
Spencer Fighting Systems
5-23-2008 3:29 am EST
if we both win, we will /;)
Spencer Fighting Systems
5-23-2008 3:21 am EST
Just wanna give another dude a shot mate. If i win, and u win, I promise ull get the shot :)
Spencer Fighting Systems
5-23-2008 2:59 am EST
Win a fight then Ill give you your rematch :) Gonna give a diff top contender a shot first :)