Team Goat Beard

Last Online - Friday 20th of December 2019
Member Since Jun 3, 2009
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Overall Record 4533-3926


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12-4-2019 10:33 am EST
yea im probably gonna bring him down to lw,
10-22-2019 6:49 am EST
I'll pet you with a bonus happy ending, I don't usually specialize in goats but for you ill make an exception
10-3-2019 3:43 am EST
Your one of my favorite goat related beings, definitely top.10
Elizondo Camacho
7-15-2019 6:17 pm EST
ok tnx
5-18-2019 6:11 pm EST
I will move my fighter down to 170 soon and see what happens, thanks.
5-14-2019 10:23 pm EST
Dang ! Thanks on the weight cut of sarno bro. Appreciated.
5-14-2019 2:28 pm EST
There used to be only 6 stats in a build. Nowadays every right side stat affects the build. Just some more than others. Its been two years since ive tried fiddling with MMArtist. Might try again once I get all of the 5mil equipment. Thanks for your thoughts on it though. Seems like matchups matter the most anymore so make sure you get those down!