Tok Striking Camp

Last Online - Tuesday 19th of March 2024
Display Name Tok
Member Since Jan 30, 2008
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 40688-36944


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2-5-2024 3:07 pm EST
My goat
7-26-2022 6:38 am EST
Well consider it a compliment that I look to you for build advice with ETF. Anytime I go with a new striking style your guys are the builds I go to for direction haha.
Heart FC
12-19-2021 12:56 am EST
Its a journey of pain. Where the reward at the end is more pain.
Bone Machine
8-9-2021 6:49 am EST
Hey Tok, new alliance event on 8/13, posted thread in the sub. Easy one, recent legends.
NorthernLights Out
6-22-2021 11:29 am EST
Chubby would be proud/jealous and possibly happy with your MMArtist success. Great job Tok!!
MMA Jeddah Club
6-11-2021 8:16 am EST
You are trying it hard. Hope some build work for you. Keep going.
MMA Jeddah Club
6-9-2021 6:44 am EST
Mastering MMArtist? ;)
Heart FC
4-10-2021 9:37 am EST
Yea its not broken its designed to fail, lol. I hope you can get it this time. I took it as far as I could.
Miyata Gym
4-9-2021 11:27 am EST
Tok, it's been a long time, but I think you're onto something with this MMArtist style. Keep at it!
2-10-2021 6:12 am EST
Hey Tok. Check out sfl forum when you can, alliance legend event coming up with rosters due 2/17
Trent Coleman II
The Kennel Fight Club
1-19-2021 5:03 pm EST
Excuse me, Game God... Can you enlighten me as to how to build a Luta Livre fighter?
1-7-2021 8:17 am EST
Ok Tok, own up, what are these cheat codes you're using :D 4 guys in the top prospects list, what is this witchcraft?! XD
1-6-2021 5:34 am EST
thanks Tok :) he looks promising for sure, hopefully he has a lenghy career lol
1-2-2021 6:47 am EST
Thanks for the legend fights tok.
MMA Jeddah Club
12-30-2020 7:03 am EST
You are killing it with your top prospects. Congrats!
12-16-2020 10:48 pm EST
Cheers bro
Unsweet TKD
11-30-2020 1:56 pm EST
Thanks for the kicking pointers.
11-27-2020 1:43 am EST
stop raping my guys man Imma call the police
Heart FC
10-22-2020 9:18 am EST
I'm pretty sure you need JJ in MMARTIST. PYP is a mystery to me also.
Heart FC
10-21-2020 10:37 am EST
Very interesting. I'm basically building the same lefts as you were trying.... Might just be a fail style after all. Interesting though we have rights a little different but I think its tough man. Almost like it can't be trained to a truly competitive level.
8-18-2020 10:20 am EST
shes doing you french proud, altho under my coaching, she'll turn into a terrible fighter lol
MMA Jeddah Club
8-5-2020 8:53 am EST
Are in a rebuild or something?
Cool Beans
7-25-2020 4:06 pm EST
my fault if i missed your shot mate, that's on me love facing you bruv
Crazy KO Camp
2-28-2020 9:36 pm EST
Thanks Tok, what are your thoughts on the current Fast Feet build?
Team Goat Beard
5-15-2019 7:21 am EST
You're welcome! Keep an eye on their Desire, it directly translates to how much weight they can cut.
Team Goat Beard
5-14-2019 12:29 pm EST
Giacomo Sarno can cut down to 135 lbs.
4-9-2019 10:56 am EST
Think your figuring anything out with MMArtist? Felt like I got some of the matchups down but as soon as I felt good about a stat I’d have a few guys really suck with it.
3-13-2019 1:17 pm EST
Payback for the Title fight 2 years ago lol - Pickle in the Middle
Beer Devil
Local Heroes
2-28-2019 1:37 am EST
Thank you ;)
2-26-2019 3:16 am EST
Hey Tok, I dropped the belt because i missed a reset. When the AC dropped to 6 i thought I was in my other camp who also had a fighter on a long streak then logged off. Didn't realize until now it was the same fighter I dropped the belt with. I just dropped it again and moved my fighter to a different weight to not get the AC again. Sorry!
12-27-2018 12:45 pm EST
Thanks for the heads up on my female fighter tok lol, forgot i moved her up for a title shot, hopefully she can get back to winning ways at 105lbs!
11-17-2018 3:42 pm EST
tranquille, quoi de neuf du coté d'aubagne ?
11-14-2018 5:22 pm EST
Amazing record btw
11-14-2018 5:22 pm EST
I remember you from before when I played. I sent a fight request to moretti from BAM. Take the fight...
Crazy KO Camp
11-7-2018 8:29 am EST
Thanks Tok, good to be back!
10-7-2018 9:51 am EST
No problem man, i know how that can be, looks like my 1 win was a fluke lol
9-23-2018 11:58 am EST
thanks for sending the fights, yeah he is good, but it's sad that his chin is suspect
8-21-2018 3:51 am EST
I missed your message form 8/12 telling me to go clock and lock, but i dont know what its reference to anymore! Ahhh!!! lol
8-13-2018 4:24 pm EST
Naw you aren't a piece of shit...but you do jinx my fighters with those comments lol
8-13-2018 11:54 am EST
you fucking piece of shit...you and your messages always jinx my fighters. I'm going to block you from posting on my camp now.
8-10-2018 3:54 am EST
Maybe you can tell me why I continually challenge your fast feet beasts with my PLing scrubs? Is it stupidity? Is it gluttony? Is it an unknown case of masochism? I am not sure myself, but these are the things that keep me up at night lol.
Pier Luc Pinard
Pinard Team
5-2-2018 5:22 am EST
Thanks for the shot champ
4-24-2018 11:50 am EST
Tok, Every time you leave a positive message on my fighter's page, They lose. Please stop lol
2-24-2018 9:55 am EST
What would you recommend for catch wrestling?
Submission Inc
12-27-2017 10:29 am EST
No problem at all over the EFC shot Tok, I made my guy wait the reset to then fight. I know Peasant wanted the shot then.. your a gentleman for keeping me posted though! P.S read that play by play and tell me i didn't win ? We want a rematch, Peasant can wait lol
12-12-2017 6:22 pm EST
12-12-2017 6:21 pm EST
thanks man i feel the new switch might actully help my fighters cause ive always built my lefts pretty even
Crazy KO Camp
12-1-2017 1:17 pm EST
Thanks Tok. Good to be back. Looks like you are still doing great!
10-28-2017 1:27 pm EST
Damn tok no idea what drugs those judges were smoking. Must have been some very strong drugs. You beat Me guy 4-1 and they gave me the UD? That sucks bud. Your dude is an excellent fighter very impressive what he has done. Sorry bout that
Submission Inc
10-28-2017 12:58 pm EST
Thanks man! Yeah I wasn't expecting the late career resurgence! Not sure how long it will last for though haha
Submission Inc
10-28-2017 1:30 am EST
Don't take this as me being rude or anything Tok, I took your advice for Reece Banes after he went on a 3 fight KO losing streak and I took him out of competition and used him as a trainer for a few years. But for some reason I brought him back and on his return he's just become Prelliator BW champion!
10-27-2017 6:16 am EST
Thanks bud!!! Win or loose fighting your camp is always a pleasant experience (except when I get kicked in the head :)
10-9-2017 11:19 pm EST
His highest fighter fought was 46 and yours was only fought 57 so yeah he deserve it.
10-9-2017 10:44 pm EST
Nope his guy fought higher rank fighters and his guy is higher rank than yours so he deserves it
10-8-2017 10:45 pm EST
try this online boxing manager PVP https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.justdrill.theboxingmanager
10-5-2017 7:37 am EST
I screwed up last night and thought I had sent the shot to Warren.I did not and didn't get on on time this morning to accept any fights before reset.I apologize for that.
6-28-2017 1:39 pm EST
thanks for the invite, looks like a great event. and thank you for the legend fights also.
Dublins Finest
6-6-2017 10:55 am EST
6-5-2017 5:48 am EST
tell chief to unban me
5-30-2017 7:54 am EST
Tok* not Tom lol
5-30-2017 7:54 am EST
My man Tom thanks neither, it was a pleasant surprise to wake up and see the belt, now to chose who I lose it to lol
5-26-2017 2:11 pm EST
Thanks Tok but I'll take a fight. I wondered at first what happened but noticed he missed. Thanks bud and hopefully I'll win so we can meet up next reset!
Pressure MMMA
5-26-2017 3:27 am EST
Awesome fight tok, thanks for the fight congrats on the win bro:)
5-18-2017 4:47 am EST
Yeah sorry about that, was leaving for work so I sent your guy and another guy who had a couple wins challenges just to make sure someone would get the fight during the reset because I didn't figure I'd be back on for it.
5-12-2017 8:32 am EST
Thanks man! Just trying to join the big dogs like you and cap and all them up at the top of the camp rankings!
5-11-2017 3:54 pm EST
Tok your other guy has a title shot if you can get there quick!! http://www.mmarmy.com/fighter_display.php?id=1399889
4-7-2017 10:24 pm EST
Wooo whooo thanks for the fight -Lou Simmons
Pressure MMMA
3-29-2017 8:20 am EST
Sorry for the back to back robberies today
Pressure MMMA
3-29-2017 8:19 am EST
Sorry for the back to back robberies today
1-27-2017 8:34 am EST
Thanks for the Legend fights Tok!
1-8-2017 7:46 am EST
Thanks Tok! Right now I have 6 SRs across to many camps. I'm starting to cut back today on camps. But I still have 4 in my main camps that are luckily doing very well.
Rock Hard MMA
12-31-2016 4:49 am EST
yeah man good fights surprised you beat Arnold!
12-30-2016 7:12 pm EST
Congrats for #1 camp again
12-2-2016 7:47 pm EST
http://mmarmy.boards.net/ - Sign Up Bro
11-22-2016 2:00 pm EST
thanks luther bowens the best fighter I ever built.
9-11-2016 7:58 am EST
thanks hopefully he get me my first efc belt.
Samoan Silverbacks
8-13-2016 3:05 am EST
Thanks for all the fights I hope I have a camp as good as yours sometime soon
8-12-2016 10:11 pm EST
I made 1 camp when chief had the 50/1 odds. At least one of my camps will recruit SRs lol.
7-18-2016 8:06 pm EST
Enjoyed reading them man wanted to test him against the best Piranha and Ahrens were a bit to much for him !!!!
6-3-2016 12:36 pm EST
Sorry about not taking that title shot, Tok. Haven't been on much lately.
Angouleme MMA
5-30-2016 1:27 am EST
Much obliged! I'm sure I'll be seeing you in the ring soon, my friend
Angouleme MMA
5-28-2016 9:43 pm EST
Nah, was just reading a lot of Balzac before I opened this camp. LOL Inc b-squad right here
5-18-2016 6:00 am EST
Ok no problem, just a little annoyed cause my guy missed a reset because of it.
5-18-2016 5:02 am EST
Why didn't you fight my guy last reset?
5-11-2016 6:33 am EST
#1 Camp Rankings sept 2499 (x2)
The Domain
4-25-2016 9:58 am EST
Thanks for the shot Tok.
4-21-2016 10:29 pm EST
Thanks for the message Tok. Bad luck for me because I was busy.
4-3-2016 1:37 am EST
thanks for the advice about Shamrock, i will take it into account
3-9-2016 7:27 pm EST
Good luck Tok, get the belt!
2-28-2016 2:10 pm EST
TYVM for the AA tip. Haven't found very many useful guides on creating fighters. Again, TY
2-7-2016 8:28 am EST
David Nuamah
Camp Spartan Lion
2-6-2016 5:54 pm EST
Im pretty experienced, but those matches just catch me right off guard, so thanks for the tips
1-24-2016 2:46 pm EST
it's all good man.
12-28-2015 3:18 am EST
Good fights Tok, always fun fighting your camp!
10-27-2015 12:52 am EST
Thanks Tok. :) I have no MA trainers and he's got a weak chin so he's near the end of his life. It's a fun nexperiment though.
Itagaki Gym
10-3-2015 1:15 am EST
Thanks for the kind words and the fight, tok!
Chris Hansen
15 and Under
9-26-2015 8:51 pm EST
Wow i cant believe it, you were right. Seth actually made it to the EFC like you predicted. Even if he loses every fight I'll make a minimum 108k by the time his contract ends :D
Chris Hansen
15 and Under
9-19-2015 4:08 pm EST
Thanks for the kind words! You were the main reason I wanted to join SFL. How can you tell that seth tuchscherer is a good fighter? He's been knocked out a lot.
9-12-2015 1:10 pm EST
Hell, I don't even remember who I challenged you with. lol
Crazy KO Camp
8-11-2015 1:31 pm EST
Ha, not normally. He came in with good JJ and Judo so I have been running him as a BJJ stylist.
The Captain
The Fighting 15th
6-21-2015 9:38 pm EST
Hey Tok, don't know if you saw, but Chief moved the next Alliance event way up, and it's actually starting tomorrow. If you could, please stop by the forum and post some legends you'd like to use. We could sure use some of your beastly kickers.
4-24-2015 2:17 am EST
#1 Camp Rankings Oct 2435
4-15-2015 9:31 pm EST
Check the trials thread before you fight please
4-13-2015 5:33 am EST
Git can i have my strap back pls.
3-29-2015 4:32 am EST
any time bro. Turbo
Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
3-24-2015 5:07 am EST
Good fights today tok
Maike Garcia
Garcias Fighter
3-20-2015 2:32 pm EST
had stopped playing a while and want to go back, have a link on the fighting styles and you have to train? thanks
2-26-2015 11:55 pm EST
Hey man, thanks for the advice. Wrestling was the next stat I was going to train. I have tried him at 185 though and he can't make it.
Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
2-20-2015 6:40 am EST
FF usually dominates GnP
Ben A Werewolf
Team Werewolf
2-6-2015 11:47 am EST
Well I don't go by "Spidey" but anyhow in regards to your question, I haven't noticed myself with 8 pts getting dominated by AA, I get dominated by SIO and FF along with the normal styles that beat 8 pts if I don't switch.
Ben A Werewolf
Team Werewolf
2-6-2015 6:13 am EST
You posting drunk? You posted a message to Spidey on my fighters page haha!
1-12-2015 4:33 pm EST
i aint doin shiz..i dare u to blacklist me aha..stop wasting both our time and fack off
1-9-2015 5:13 pm EST
dont be peanut butter and jealous...the champ can do watever he pleases...and i rly doubt anyone else cares but u
1-2-2015 5:36 am EST
Re Fionn Redmond - cheers, didn't realise until you said. Think he's overachieving and will hit a wall in EFC though
11-17-2014 8:34 am EST
Ahaha, I didnt even look. I must have moved him two weight classes.
11-16-2014 1:28 pm EST
I see, that sucks he was also under 30 which is wierd, I don't remember fighters under 30 retire, this most be new, one of my guys retired at 25 but he sucked unlike yours,
Sick Puppy MMA
11-14-2014 2:32 pm EST
no comprende amigo
11-8-2014 8:56 pm EST
You on the forums. if so whats your name on there
11-7-2014 12:23 pm EST
Hey Glad you interested in joining an alliance? Send me a pm, I am OEJ on the forums
10-30-2014 6:35 am EST
Haven't fought you with this camp much...definitely join the forums...don't rush into joining any alliance until you spend some time on the forums to get a feel for personalities....Migrantworkers
10-29-2014 5:14 am EST
I got no message from you bro. I'm Role on the Forums.
10-28-2014 8:12 pm EST
Did you join the Forum yet?
10-26-2014 11:53 am EST
OK make a Forum name and message me on there. Look up Role on the forum.
10-24-2014 7:08 pm EST
U interested in joining an alliance?
10-17-2014 1:44 pm EST
Seriously do I know u from the past or on the forum?
10-16-2014 6:40 pm EST
Yea who are you lol
10-13-2014 8:29 pm EST
Who are you?
8-13-2014 6:18 pm EST
Old school.
7-18-2011 12:21 pm EST
hi! are you back! are u on forum,too ?
Flying Armbars
7-10-2011 7:24 pm EST
welcome back to mmarmy ancient coach! lol do u have a forum name?
Flow Dojo
8-14-2009 8:31 am EST
Please get Jake Evans to train wrestling....with his brawling that high his gnp would be amazing
8-8-2009 3:53 pm EST
LoL! Go figure. I knew you'd still be around! JC... in good time my friend. I'll let you know asap.
Jamie Strong
Team Strong
7-19-2009 10:11 am EST
Thanks for the shot, good fight.
The Robj23
7-16-2009 11:06 am EST
no really lol
2-22-2009 2:37 am EST
nah i accepted the title shot before i knew i h was in the prix-sorry
Hayato Fuurinji
Ryouzanpaku Dojo
2-6-2009 7:10 pm EST
Nice title win. You deserve it. - Hikaru Kumagae
Hayato Fuurinji
Ryouzanpaku Dojo
2-5-2009 9:37 pm EST
Sorry bro I had to be fair and granted it to the highest ranked challenger which was Walter Thomas.
Sensei Notap
We Break Arms
2-5-2009 9:43 am EST
Mikesimus, you have been playing this for a while. I have almost 300 k. Should I improve most of my equipment or get a 14th fighter?
4-22-2008 5:20 am EST
Thanks for the kind words brother! Chuck is a force and I 'm positive he's got some huge title victories in his future. I'm in the process of building up another "Swing for the Fences" HW so maybe we will meet again.
4-18-2008 5:33 am EST
Thanks brother, you too. Chuck and Chejo had three VERY close fights. Perhaps another one is in the mix : ) - Chejo "Lights Out" Guzman
4-13-2008 5:45 pm EST
Yeah man I am wondering. Kinda pissed my man Sal has dropped from 2nd to 5th and lost 1/2 star. I'm holdin out one more day the gonna look at fighting out of my contract with a guy from one of my other teams. Then move up. Thanks for the heads up on the can opener.
4-12-2008 12:35 am EST
yo i won't be back on until monday going out of town
4-11-2008 11:35 pm EST
respond to last post for title shot
K Rich
K Rich
3-4-2008 4:02 pm EST
Gave ya your fight, could I get it back?