Vincent "Red Dragon" Martin - Stats

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Popularity Popular
Camp Malign Mafia
Record 79-47    
KO Win % 20
Sub Win % 20
Division MW Weight 210 lbs
Age 698 Born Jan 2200
Years Pro 948 Recruit Date Dec 1949
Rank - Highest Rank #2
Retirement Rank -
Fight IQ Desire
Aggression Patience
Wrestling Conditioning
Catch Wrestling Strength
Sambo Footwork
Jiu Jitsu Speed
Judo Agility
Greco-Roman Flexibility
Boxing Balance
Karate Reflex
Taekwondo Rhythm
Muay Thai Coordination
Brawling Focus
Kickboxing Fortitude
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Goodkid MMA
4-17-2012 4:23 pm EST
Thanks for the LFight. I'll try to return the favor in a couple days.
No Surrender
2-22-2012 8:10 pm EST
Thanks sir
2-21-2012 4:10 pm EST
Yet again lol , good fight
2-20-2012 7:03 pm EST
that was a war good fight
2-16-2012 6:05 pm EST
About time! Thanks for the shot sir
Fat Camp
2-16-2012 4:16 am EST
Are you giving the next shot to No Surrender or me??
Fat Camp
2-14-2012 6:44 pm EST
Thanks for the shot champ. - Madoka Sugisata
2-14-2012 8:56 am EST
Thanks for the shot. What a fight! Thought I had you until that 5th round went south on me. Haha! Good luck!
2-13-2012 6:25 pm EST
Thanks for the shot brother
2-13-2012 2:34 pm EST
I think split was generous tbh. Good win
2-10-2012 6:20 am EST
Another close one dude, thanks for the shot.
2-9-2012 10:07 pm EST
Good fight, very close decision that one.
No Surrender
2-3-2012 5:33 pm EST
thanks arrogant dragon
2-3-2012 8:07 am EST
Good fight bro thanks for the shot!
2-2-2012 10:03 pm EST
Looks like its me and you at reset bro - good luck (Chelo Aguilar)
1-30-2012 4:29 am EST
Thx for the re match
1-29-2012 10:18 pm EST
Yeah had the style just couldnt put u away - good fight mate
1-29-2012 4:10 am EST
thanks for the fight.great fighter.g.luck for the next
1-28-2012 11:31 am EST
Thanks for the shot hatch, had to find some tricks to battle your tricks lol
1-27-2012 4:16 pm EST
Nice win bro
1-25-2012 11:34 am EST
thanks for the shot
1-24-2012 11:27 am EST
Got the style but still not strong enough. Good win mate.
MMA Phreak
Red Heat
1-9-2012 11:42 am EST
stop doing that
Talon Wing
1-6-2012 4:12 am EST
You got a good fighter there.
1-4-2012 10:28 pm EST
Gave you the shot. Took a look and clown camp last fought in sept. so he missed a couple resets.