Joseph Fighting Systems

Last Online - Saturday 29th of September 2012
Display Name Michael Joseph
Member Since Oct 21, 2008
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 5386-4018


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5-25-2011 6:47 pm EST
lol, i'll try to take it easier on you ;)
Team Laughing Gas
5-2-2011 3:46 pm EST
I would've felt bad if you would've accepted anyway. Haha Go ahead and go for the title! Good luck, bro.
Who Knew
4-23-2011 2:26 pm EST
Up. and down you know how it is
Who Knew
4-21-2011 8:23 pm EST
No Surrender
4-17-2011 7:28 pm EST
camps starting to take shap. great to see!
3-19-2011 5:05 pm EST
heeeeeeeeey!! i see ur making a comeback also!!
3-16-2011 7:31 pm EST
im semi-back my man lol...anyways long time bro. How u been?
No Surrender
3-16-2011 4:00 pm EST
get back on the forums!
No Surrender
3-14-2011 4:13 pm EST
welcome back wh3r3
3-12-2011 7:13 pm EST
like senor pain said, should you feel like hanging with the cool kids hit us up.
3-11-2011 4:35 pm EST
good to see you back man!
2-8-2011 10:04 am EST
Sounds good man, Im just getting my camp back in order myself. When ever you get ready to come back hit us up (THC) on the forum when you're ready to get back into the alliance fold :)
12-21-2010 8:19 pm EST
You back??!
Who Knew
12-22-2009 2:17 pm EST
where you at?
10th Planet
11-23-2009 12:11 pm EST
just stopping by....having talked much lately, hows things?
10-8-2009 9:29 am EST
SoCat set complete.
10-6-2009 10:35 am EST
EFC set complete!!!
10-2-2009 7:10 pm EST
the matter that blackholes consume has to go somewhere, it destroys and creates.
9-29-2009 4:55 pm EST
MFO set complete.
Coach Koolaid
Koolaids Killers
9-27-2009 10:25 am EST
yeah I had to go out of town and didn't have computer access, just lucked out I guess. -Benny Green
9-26-2009 4:36 pm EST
Jordan Bell wins the Glory HW Championship to give this camp 4125-2925, breaking the 1200 win mark!
9-25-2009 8:57 am EST
Pankrash set complete.
9-18-2009 5:41 pm EST
Delirium set complete.
9-16-2009 4:04 pm EST
Glory set complete.
Paul Inosanto
JKD MMA Concepts
9-13-2009 9:02 am EST
Yeah, just registered again a few days ago ("apachai"). Had an old account, but forgot the name/email adress.
Pit For Life
9-12-2009 9:16 pm EST
Not yet, was looking for one and none were open at the time
Pit For Life
9-12-2009 6:31 pm EST
Yes I'm Adchamp09, why?
9-12-2009 5:12 pm EST
LotC set complete.
9-9-2009 2:58 am EST
GEC set complete.
KP Keough
Beast Mode
9-7-2009 9:53 am EST
I do see your point though. I shouldn't have gone after the belt. I apologize for that.
KP Keough
Beast Mode
9-7-2009 9:37 am EST
Let's be honest, where else was I going to go? Move up to MFO? My guy could never hang ratings-wise with a lot of the guys there (see your guy, 422474). Anyway, I don't mean to litter your main page with junk, so if you want to talk about this more, just pm me on the forum.
KP Keough
Beast Mode
9-7-2009 9:34 am EST
Hey dude: concerning your comments on Abe James (GCW), I understand where you're coming from, so let me try to explain. #1, James has held higher org belts but was on a three-fight losing streak and lost a bunch of pop, so I was trying to be careful not to push him too fast. #2, his ratings really aren't that intimidating, in my mind (he has only one rating at 3.25 stars). With guys regularly incubating to 3.5 stars, why am I being a bully?
Camp Shooting Star
9-6-2009 7:47 am EST
Camp Shooting Star
9-6-2009 6:45 am EST
probably a stupid question but how do u get more than 5 fighters in a camp
Camp Shooting Star
9-6-2009 6:42 am EST
ill have to wait cause im on dial up right now and it would take a while to load so ill do it later
Camp Shooting Star
9-6-2009 6:30 am EST
not that i know of who is it?
9-5-2009 12:28 pm EST
Strikefest set complete.
9-4-2009 4:16 pm EST
Just realized I am over 1100 in the win category!!!
8-31-2009 11:04 am EST
Camp is doing awesome bro. Nicely done!
Flow Dojo
8-29-2009 4:23 pm EST
thanks for helping me recognize the ducker in mfo
10th Planet
8-27-2009 2:33 pm EST
For sure man...ill send them out! with my fingers crossed...lol
10th Planet
8-27-2009 7:19 am EST
Nice battles recently...always a pleasure!
sick of you too
are you stupid
8-17-2009 1:30 pm EST
gettin a few back from you today.
8-16-2009 8:40 pm EST
Thank you very much. I'm quite suprised my guy was able to win both fights. You guys are monster coaches. And thanks for all the support with the alliance. It's really helped make it worth it.
8-11-2009 6:07 pm EST
thanks man, i just wish i would have renewed his contract. haha...
8-6-2009 6:50 pm EST
Jandro Rios defeats Mike Rogers to give this camp overall wins at 3490-2489 losses and breaks the 1000 mark.
7-21-2009 2:44 am EST
thanks bro, i appreciate it
Jamie Strong
Team Strong
7-10-2009 7:41 pm EST
No problem man, good luck.
Richard Franklin
Team Franklin
7-8-2009 11:11 am EST
haha i know ill get it soon i been collectin the lower belts pretty easily
Richard Franklin
Team Franklin
7-4-2009 10:23 am EST
long time bud .. 3000 wins awesome
7-3-2009 4:20 pm EST
Overall Record 3096-2190 Just realized I am 6 over the 900 mark. 1000 here I come.
Hell Monkey
7-2-2009 12:14 pm EST
Good to see the Gadsden flag on here!
scott cooley
7-1-2009 3:29 pm EST
thank you for the fight
6-30-2009 6:00 pm EST
Congrats on 3000 man. I just checked and noticed the achievement. Good stuff!
6-24-2009 4:32 pm EST
Cody Martin beats Arthur Richard to give this camp 3000 wins with 2125 losses.
6-10-2009 4:19 pm EST
2000 losses today :( with 2848 wins
donnie brasco
Hardknocks MMA
6-9-2009 7:20 pm EST
Yeah we haven't fought in awhile. You just fought my other camp Jersey Devils though. Hopefully we'll be having many more MT battles soon!
6-6-2009 4:34 pm EST
UFL set complete.
6-3-2009 5:20 pm EST
Brent Anderson beat Walter Miller to give this camp overall wins at 2749-1948 losses and breaks the 800 mark.
6-2-2009 6:20 pm EST
Just noticed LD Net Fights set is complete. Never really tried lol.
5-11-2009 7:47 pm EST
Tank 64 beats Bill Smith to give this camp overall wins at 2512-1811 losses and breaks the 700 mark.
4-27-2009 3:33 pm EST
Dennis "The Menace" Biek retired after winning 13 EFC titles.
4-11-2009 10:25 pm EST
Branden "My" Johnson's win for the Ring Rage LHW Championship puts this camps overall wins at 2188-1587 losses and breaks the 600 over mark.
3-30-2009 7:04 pm EST
Dennis Biek #1 P4P baby!!!
3-26-2009 5:34 pm EST
2004th win was Dennis Biek for the EFC Middleweight Championship!
3-26-2009 2:04 pm EST
2000 wins yesterday. 1445 losses
3-25-2009 5:53 am EST
Thats good Dawg, I hope you ca get a #1 P4P fighter but its hard though. You think getting a EFC Title is tough just trying getting to #1 P4P .
3-11-2009 4:18 pm EST
Thanks Man! "DooDoo" Brown.
3-10-2009 3:18 am EST
Cade Adams has retired :)
Conan of Cimmeria
3-5-2009 9:50 am EST
Thanks. As soon as I changed it, he won.
3-3-2009 3:29 pm EST
Don`t start no SH*T... Wont be no DooDoo!
Big Bad B
3-2-2009 12:57 pm EST
for some reason i had to make a new name in the forum.. WhoDey
Big Bad B
3-1-2009 6:37 pm EST
maybe i used NapNati. or jab5780
Big Bad B
3-1-2009 8:46 am EST
jab_5780 is my sign in name
2-26-2009 3:29 am EST
Damn man. Walter Jach retired.
2-17-2009 3:08 am EST
Sad day today. Patrick Coleman has retired. :(
2-14-2009 3:47 am EST
Josh Long retired :(
2-10-2009 4:30 pm EST
Igot 10 block 10`s... all day!
2-10-2009 3:51 pm EST
1000 losses today :(
2-10-2009 2:21 pm EST
Richard Franklin
Team Franklin
1-16-2009 7:21 pm EST
heyy bud congrats on the 1000 mark .. just stoppin in sayin whats up
1-14-2009 9:16 am EST
1000 wins today!!!
1-12-2009 4:58 pm EST
thx man...solid camp you got here! early congrats n 1000 wins!
1-11-2009 1:55 am EST
Bart Perry, holder of my first belt, has retired.
Frank Lucas
NY Brawlers
1-10-2009 10:48 pm EST
ok man take it EZ i was just kidding,dont get ur panites all wet
1-10-2009 6:07 pm EST
Is that why my lower ranked beat you higher ranked guy Frank Lucas. I had done won in the org and was ranked number 1 in org under champ and was waiting for the shot, which I won.
Frank Lucas
NY Brawlers
1-10-2009 4:28 am EST
So higher rank is afriad of the lower rank..i understand
1-9-2009 6:28 pm EST
Man I have never recruited a fighter with more then 2.75 stars. Your lucky man. I have seen a guy that got recruited with 4 stars in Martial Arts that got posted in the forums.
Coach Koolaid
Koolaids Killers
1-8-2009 8:43 am EST
I always wanna fight the best competition win or lose, if I have the belt and someone matches up badly for me then thats just how it goes. Congrats on your win. Gan Kelly
1-7-2009 10:01 pm EST
Damn Joselio Prado has retired. Enough is enough lol
1-7-2009 5:06 pm EST
Your camp is not bad and you are heading in the right direction of being great in the game. You have did a lot in a couple months time. Trust me when I say when you thing your going to lose to someone with a little better stats is when your fighters will surprise you the most.
1-6-2009 6:41 pm EST
Holding 3 belts, pending 2 others. Patrick Coleman wins MFO Middleweight Championship after defending UFL Middleweight belt 5 times.
1-6-2009 7:31 am EST
Holding 4 belts again. Sweeeeeeeet
Big Bad B
1-5-2009 5:39 pm EST
you think your good dont you
Coach Koolaid
Koolaids Killers
1-5-2009 5:15 pm EST
Sorry you didn't make weight.
1-5-2009 2:46 pm EST
Always a pleasure fighting a stand up camp.-N2N(GKC)
Richard Franklin
Team Franklin
1-1-2009 12:28 am EST
haha happy new years brother .. we meet again tomorro
11-12-2008 5:08 am EST
Thanks bro...I taught him that! lol