Last Online - Wednesday 2nd of January 2019
Display Name Ferebee
Member Since Apr 16, 2010
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 5202-4892


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2-19-2019 9:45 am EST
Hey bud are you back? Hope all is well...
10-15-2018 2:00 pm EST
Sounds great buddy...Welcome back.
10-13-2018 9:10 am EST
Hey would you have any interest in joining DBA? We would love to have you!
9-7-2018 1:09 am EST
Good to see you back ferebee :D
Chris Hansen
15 and Under
9-5-2018 11:27 pm EST
Sorry man, game is kinda dead so unless its an efc shot i just accept everything. Ill try to keep u in mind tho. Feel free to challenge me any time u want a belt regardless of streak(unless efc)
10-3-2017 11:42 am EST
Welcome back Ferebee, nice to see you around again! Yeah that guy you pointed is definitly great, just hope he doesn't retire too quick!
Athlon MMA
6-11-2016 9:19 pm EST
Go Big Red!
The Captain
Bay Bombers
2-15-2016 4:19 pm EST
Last round today.. some big ones for ya in EFC
Chris Hansen
15 and Under
2-13-2016 3:46 pm EST
hey fere, please check out our triad trials thread before fighting today. Thank you.
The Captain
The Fighting 15th
2-11-2016 6:09 pm EST
Lol. Nevermind dude, your opponent fought somebody else and got himself DQed, so fight away! We're into the EFC portion of this thing now so stay frosty.
The Captain
Bay Bombers
2-11-2016 1:51 pm EST
Be sure to drop by the forums today. We've got one of your guys slated to fight... Or maybe we don't.. maybe this is just subterfuge to throw off the other alliances.. either way you should come check.
2-3-2016 9:59 am EST
thanks !! Good luck m8
Rock Hard MMA
1-19-2016 1:48 pm EST
fair enough not a good excuse but i didn't look just logged on accepted every fight and out again in about 5 mins
The Captain
The Fighting 15th
1-11-2016 6:09 pm EST
Criminally low on that Camp Ranking board for having the #1 and 2 dude.
1-11-2016 5:21 pm EST
Aug 2479- Kithara achieves #1 and #2 ranked fighters. Terrel Foster and Grant Arnold. Alberto Benavidez is ranked #7 on this reset as well.
12-31-2015 4:58 pm EST
Dang you had my number tonight! Great Job!
The Captain
Bay Bombers
12-21-2015 5:09 pm EST
PM on the forums Ferebee.
12-17-2015 5:06 pm EST
I hear ya Ferebee. Sometimes I have to play on my phone at work, but its a chore scrolling and shit. Thanks for understanding. Rare to have Four "1 win" streaks.
12-15-2015 7:57 am EST
sorry friend. I'm waiting for a title shot.
12-4-2015 4:26 am EST
Thanks just started switching my camp over from PG/PL to CnS a couple weeks ago. Vinnie Dawson is the only guy I've had great success with but hopefully it'll turn around once I get trainers up and running.
11-8-2015 11:03 pm EST
8-1-2011 12:02 pm EST
hey dude are u on the forum? if not ur missing out! theres a lot of game info and other cool things there. if ur ever on an u need help pm me. my username : jeyjey2912 goodluck!
7-6-2011 4:28 pm EST
Man, your Parker Howard is way better than mine will ever be. Thanks for the fight, best of luck with your camp
6-1-2011 10:51 am EST
thanks for the fight
Eleven Lounge
7-26-2010 6:17 pm EST
311's the shit!