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#490380 - 09/14/18 12:33 PM SR fishing camps - Should they be allowed or not?

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As a man that has ran many of these kinds of camps, I think they shouldn't be a thing anymore, mainly because they contribute nothing to the game other than skewing the active fighters number. Furthermore, they, more often than not, end up wasting SRs that could've either gone to a regular player with a camp that has trainers or a novice, that might benefit from that little boost in stats an SR could give.

I'm not calling for SR fishing camps to be banned, but I would encourage players that, like me, have made more than a dozen camps for this very purpose to simply retire all of the fighters in said camps or at least let them die a slow death, and to stop recruiting on there.

Think about it, why would you actually want to recruit an SR in a camp that has no active fighters, no equipment and no trainers? It will only lead to dissapointment when that fighter does not live up to your expectations.

I also made a poll to see what the opinion surrounding these camps is.
Should these camps be allowed?
You may choose only one

Votes accepted starting: 09/14/18 12:33 PM
View the results of this poll.
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#490384 - 09/14/18 12:56 PM Re: SR fishing camps - Should they be allowed or not? [Re: Snake]

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Said it in the SB and I'll say it here. Personally I don't run them but have no problem with them. Would be tough to enforce a ban on them, you would get into grey area in telling what is just an SR camp vs just running a lot of camps. In a way they could be said to be realistic, I like to imagine some great kickboxer or whatever trying to get an MMA camp going even if they are the primary start of the place, and even though it may shut down after they retire.

The only finite resource SR camps eat up is AH buys, other than that recruiting is free. Think they would be less of a factor if AH refreshed randomly, that's something I would like to see which may mitigate the issue entirely in a clean manner.
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#490386 - 09/14/18 01:17 PM Re: SR fishing camps - Should they be allowed or not? [Re: BlimBlapZing]
The Captain

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I think they're fine. Yeah they artificially inflate the active fighter numbers, but I like to think that for every 100 extraneous guys that get recruited and never touched again, there is one recruit that makes a guy go "Hey, I think I'm gonna run this camp for a while". Then there really is 10-15 more fighters in the game, even if the number went up by 200 to get there.

I also think it's good to have that number be higher regardless of whether it's pumped up or not. Activity begets activity. It hopefully encourages people to play the game if they otherwise might not have.
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#490390 - 09/14/18 02:50 PM Re: SR fishing camps - Should they be allowed or not? [Re: The Captain]

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I dont mind them. The SRs usually suffer anyways so its not like its breaking the game with a dominant fighter in a shitty camp. It may get that camp active as well which means more people to fight.

Like Grap had a Future Star (recruited normally!) in an SR camp and he didnt do well with him

#490407 - 09/15/18 01:07 AM Re: SR fishing camps - Should they be allowed or not? [Re: ATTBoxer]

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It's only worth it if you get a true beast and then use every other fighter in the camp as a trainer. But then even still all the cons remain. It also hurts your mains. I gave up on it recently. You are way more likely to recruit a potential #1 RR then an SR who is actually that good. i don't think it hurts the game, hurts you as a coach though. And if you are learning the game no point at all.
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#490475 - 09/17/18 03:47 AM Re: SR fishing camps - Should they be allowed or not? [Re: Zakariya]

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I never knew there was such a thing...

#491632 - 10/10/18 07:55 AM Re: SR fishing camps - Should they be allowed or not? [Re: Snake]

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Originally Posted By: FistrK
I love these affordable crossbows and never knew there was such a thing...

I've not bothered with them just yet, but I wouldn't remove them. They just offer another aspect to the game. Having more aspects to the game should be encouraged. Within reason, of course.

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