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#380103 - 08/22/14 08:08 PM MMArmy New Nation Record Book

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I'd like to keep track of the first EFC champion that comes out of each nation that was added to this game.
This probably won't be filled out for a long time but it'll be here to be edited as the times come. I wanted to make this thread in order to keep track of a few records held by fighters from any of the "New" nations from Chief's updates. Figure it'd be a cool thing to keep track of since we didn't have the chance to do this for old nations, and it gives people plenty of opportunity to say they had the first EFC champion from somewhere since there are so many new nations. Maybe I'll keep track of p4p #1s as well. If you have any idea for a record to be kept here for new nation fighters, feel free to voice it in this thread. But for now, we'll start with this, and I'll fill it in with the fighter, the camp, and the winning fight as these accomplishments come. Good luck people!
No customizing a fighter into a nation please. It'll be easy to tell by looking at their names, and I won't add them if they were recruited as one nation, but customized into another. Hopefully we can follow this simple rule. Remember, this is just for fun.
First EFC Champion:

Ireland- Patrick "Patty Mac" MacDowell Evolve MMA

Nigeria- Chidinma Igbindedion Philly Dawgz 2

China- Kong Tian Beijing Top Team

Sweden- Oliver Bergfalk Elite Training Facility

Holland- Gerard "The Specimen" Jones Dead Rabbits

Thailand- Ice Payakaroon Locos Vatos

India- Dinesh "Karate India" Subramani Team Ochocinco

South Korea- Yejoon "Shotgun" Bang Granite Boxing

Poland- Jakub Fabian Yeltsin

Scotland- Mark "Sir Ilyin" Payne Sick Puppy MMA

South Africa- Wade "Always Unconscious" Naidoo The Sassy Leopards

Wales- Heilyn Wild 859 Academy

Armenia- Vahan "Dick Butt" Arakelian Tiger Army

Croatia- Ante "Anti Black" Blazevic Sub N Tug FC

Cuba- Luis "The Hurricane" Herrera Judoka

Denmark- Andreas "Alpha" Petersen 859 Academy

El Salvador- Gustavo "Face Wrecker" Fontana Cy Coe Fighting Systems

Greece- Linos Sotiropoulos The Outwatchers

Hungary- Balint "Hummus Hands" Szilyagi Missile Crisis

Iran- Hussein Fanaei Oil Check MMA

Israel-Yinon "Bow Down" Baumann Crazy KO Camp

Italy- Filippo Marino Red Heat

Jamaica- Jaheem "The Dream" Sinclair Cool Runnings MMA

New Zealand- Hunter "Of Men Who Are" White BH MMA Camp

North Ireland- Joseph "Boogaloo" Brennan Mystery MMA

Puerto Rico- Victor Ayala Brawl N Ground N Pound

Spain- David Perez Tok Striking Camp

Switzerland- Guillaume "No Longer Neutral" Briel Disgracedies

Portugal- Gustavo Matos Philly Dawgz 2

Finland- Santtu Mustonen Elite Training Facility

Norway- Olav "The Snowman" Haakonsson Valknut MMA

Iceland- Arnmundur "Arn" Heimirsson Granite Boxing

Ukraine- Denys "Pro Russian" Mandyczewski Anhiliation

Belgium- Raphael "Red Turtle" Lenaerts Crazy KO Camp

Argentina- Augusto Castillo Legendary Muay Thai Camp

Colombia- Ruben Ortiz Team 7 Eleven

Venezuela- Alberto "Infinite Magician" Gonzales Crazy KO Camp

Ecuador- Alex Munoz Legendary Muay Thai Camp

Indonesia- Stanley "Stan Lee" Pranoto Free Candy

Pakistan- Sajjad "Cummin" Atcha 859 Academy

Samoa_ Salesi Kuresa The Brickwall Academy

Paraguay- Antonio "Don't Call me Penguin" Sanchez DisGracedies

Taiwan- David Tve Redskins Federation

Turkey- Alper Ekmekci Team Mexico 68

Vietnam- Dat Ton That 420 Fight Club

Singapore- Akmal "The Wall Installer" Rachman Miyata Gym


Morocco- Shahnahwaz Ahmad Red Heat

Malaysia- Shane "No" Wei Panda Fighting Academy

Lithuania- Antanas "Vilkas" Daumantas Wargrad Fighters

Kenya- Kenneth "Pickle Juice" Amaechi 25 Cents A Day MMA

Kazakhstan- Kuanysh "Kayfabe" Amangeldy BH MMA Camp

Hong Kong- Bao Jiang Little Boy FC

Honduras- Mateo Maldonado Foul's Island of Misfit SR

Ghana- Adeola "Black Star" Okadigbo Alan's Wolf Pack

Egypt- Hassan Kazmi WV Gladiators

Bulgaria Nicolai Kharlamov The Butt Scooters


Saudi Arabia- Madni"The Chin Collector" Bousaid BH MMA Camp

Iraq- Moiz "Moisty" El Mafti Fight Owens Fight

Romania- Vlad "The Impaler" Balan Bay Bombers

Algeria- Idir "Checkmate" Chekhimani Chinese Youth

Bosnia- Josip Begovic Kiflas Camp

Bangladesh- Shafayat "Penis Implant" Doud BH MMA Camp

Austria- Edingu "Box" Schiegl Master Race

Tanzania- Selas Nsajigwa Running With Scissors

Ethiopia- Tewodros Getahun Arusha Top Team

Congo- Mudilu Foundou Tok Striking Camp

Myanmar- Sa "Kon Mai Bals" Bando Brothers

Uganda- Kato "Kicks the" Kagina Running With Scissors

Sudan- Nararet Yenadu Running With Scissors

Peru- Nicolas "Mighty Mouse" Mendoza Free Candy

Bolivia- Gabriel "Sosa" Vargas Darcio Lira BTJJ

Libya- Jabir Hamidi Yong Men in Tights

Costa Rica- Sebastian Navarro Ryngwell MMA

Chile- Thomas Rey Swingin Cats

North Korea-

Belarus- Vasilii Nazarov Clone Army










Dominican Republic-

Czech Republic-




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#380116 - 08/22/14 10:01 PM Re: MMArmmy New Nation Record Book [Re: ATTBoxer]

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Loc: Florida
1st P4P #1 Fighter from New Nations (In order of date obtained)

Wales- Heilyn Wild *1st p4p #1 fighter from New Nations
Denmark- Andreas "Alpha" Petersen
Ireland- Mark "The Real Deal" Whelan
South Korea- Michio Uesugi
Iceland- Arnmundur "Arn" Heimirsson
Venezuela- Alberto "Infinite Magician" Gonzales
Israel- Yinon "Bow Down" Baumann
Bosnia- Josip Begovic

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#380117 - 08/22/14 10:02 PM Re: MMArmmy New Nation Record Book [Re: ATTBoxer]

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#380131 - 08/23/14 05:41 AM Re: MMArmmy New Nation Record Book [Re: ATTBoxer]
Mr. Judo

Registered: 11/03/09
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cool idea

#380372 - 08/25/14 01:19 PM Re: MMArmmy New Nation Record Book [Re: Mr. Judo]

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Loc: England
Awesome idea ATT, will be very interesting.

Recruited a 279lb Croatian this reset so fingers crossed!

#380373 - 08/25/14 01:25 PM Re: MMArmmy New Nation Record Book [Re: Tommo]

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This is a great idea bud!

#380420 - 08/25/14 07:15 PM Re: MMArmmy New Nation Record Book [Re: Matty]

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Cool thread
Peace and love here

#382276 - 09/12/14 12:43 PM Re: MMArmmy New Nation Record Book [Re: Trite]

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Gerard Jones out of camp Dead Rabbits has become the first new nation EFC champ and the first EFC champ out of the Netherlands. Very nice!

Will update 1st post when I get home from work

#382467 - 09/14/14 11:34 AM Re: MMArmmy New Nation Record Book [Re: ATTBoxer]

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Loc: Winterpeg, Canada Bitches!!
cool just saw this!

I did not customize my guy but what your saying is a guy such as an asian looking dude like
Wang "Havana Night Dancer" Li from Cuba won't count for much? laugh

Dead Rabbits - Arctic Wolfpack
Non stop domination... The Company version 2.0

#382471 - 09/14/14 12:32 PM Re: MMArmmy New Nation Record Book [Re: Ehrod]

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Correct lol. Like I said, it'll be pretty easy to see.

1 down 31 to go...

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